10 differences between an original and a fake Chanel bag.

10 differences between an original and a fake Chanel bag.
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Because Chanel is one of the international brands, its exposure to imitation becomes more prevalent over time, especially during the seasons of launching the new collection of bags, so we have collected for you the most important differences between the original and fake Chanel bag, which are difficult for counterfeiters to imitate.
Here are the main differences between the original and fake Chanel bag:

1. The original bag contains an original serial number:

Since 1986, the Chanel brand has been making an eight-digit serial number for each bag, and this number also matches the authenticity card sold with the handbag.


Not only classic Chanel bags, but all Chanel bags have a logo on the zipper consisting of two letters C.

3. The lining of the Chanel bag:

The original Chanel bag has a smooth lining and is one of the greatest indicators of quality, while the fake bags have a wrinkled lining and are made of faux leather that is characterized by roughness.

4. The colour of the bag:

The colour of the fake bag often varies by a degree or two in terms of colour concentration, and this is due to the use of fake artificial leather that does not always succeed in giving the perfect degree to the original bag.

5. The leather of the Chanel bag:

The Chanel brand uses calf leather in the manufacture of its bags and does not use sheepskin, so the original bags have a unique and antique smell. As for the fake bags, you will find that their leather is weak and often makes a sound when the bag is folded, and it will also be exposed to cracks.

6. Inner bag labels:

All old Chanel bags contain one of those labels, which are either an embossed Chanel logo, a vertical stripe label, a black label with white Chanel, a rectangular leather label with a gold or silver Chanel label, a silver or gold Chanel seal, or an oval label with embossed Chanel logo.

7. Recycled leather in fake bags:

Genuine bags must be thick, durable and have a strong leather feel, unlike fake bags that have scraps of leather and other materials that make them look like they are made of cardboard and crack easily.

8. The CC logo on the original Chanel bag:

on the logo; The lower part of the right C should overlap the lower part of the left C, and the upper part of the left C should overlap the upper part of the right C.
In the event that the logo overlaps in a way other than previously mentioned, then this indicates that the bag is counterfeit.

9. Metals used in the original bag:

The metal pieces and clasps should be easily fastened, and the locks should also rotate easily, in addition to the fact that the original Chanel uses heavy copper plated in its metal, so if the metal is hollow, this is evidence that the bag is fake.

10. Original Chanel bag stitching:

In the original bag; The stitches are worked straight along the seams, and the stitches are even, so the bag has perfect stitching, unlike a fake bag where you’ll find the stitches are wrinkled and frayed.

In the end, you can visit the original website of the brand and order the bag from there to ensure that it is original, as you will find on the site a list of real distributors around the world.

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