10 steps to validate Gucci

Gucci is one of the most famous international brands that all those interested in fashion seek to get one of its products.  This is what makes this brand always amenable to imitation, and people often pay a lot of money and get a fake Gucci product in the end.  So, we have collected for you the most important methods to find out if the brand is fake or not…

  1. Using the inside label of the original Gucci bag:

This is one of the quickest ways to discover an authentic Gucci bag;  Where you will find that the inner label contains completely different words about imitation bags. You will also find that the sewing in imitation bags is thicker than in the original Gucci bags, in terms of the tightness of the sewing stitches in the original bags.  You will also notice that in the imitation bags the letter R is thin and large, the word Gucci is thick in imitation, and the phrase “made in Italy” has a thin font.

  1. Branding on the front:

The famous brand GG in the fake bags is characterized by the presence of scratches in it, in addition to a problem with the glossiness of the colour.  As for the original bags, you can not find that.

  1. Through the sides of the bag:

The stitching in the original Gucci bags is not visible, but in the fake bags, you will find the stitching is prominent and poor in shape.  Gucci bags are characterized by a calm matte colour, unlike fake bags, which are characterized by glossy.

  1. Packaging method and original cards:

All international brands have a serial number for each bag, you can search it online to make sure that your bag is original.

  1. The inner pockets of the bag:

In the fake bags, the inner pockets are of less quality and poor in their material, but in the original Gucci bag, we find that the quality of the inner pockets is high, as it is often made of the same material as the outer material of the bag.

  1. Logo on the zipper of the bag:

The original Gucci bag features a logo on the bag’s zipper as well as an identification tag, unlike fake bags that often feature a regular bag zipper.

  1. Bag packaging method:

The original Gucci bag comes in a cloth bag to protect it from dust, and the bag also contains the house logo printed on the outside.

  1. The texture of the bag:

The global Gucci brand bags are distinguished by their soft touch due to the high-quality leather used in their products.  This is one of the biggest features of the original Gucci bag, which fake bags often fail to imitate.

  1. Coins in the bag:

Gucci uses high quality metals in its manufacture, so it is impossible for the metal in the bag to thin or flake.  You will find the exact opposite in fake bags.

  1. Spelling errors:

Counterfeit brands take care to imitate the sewing of the bag, its feel, etc…

This is why a lot of mistakes are made in the word order or the spelling of the original Gucci brand name.  Therefore, carefully search the contents of the bag to look for spelling errors.

Finally, you should use reliable sites to buy original Gucci bags, and you should also make sure that the site has a policy of exchange or return in case the product is bad.