10 tips to differentiate between an original and a fake Louis Vuitton bag

10 tips to differentiate between an original and a fake Louis Vuitton bag
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The Louis Vuitton bag has become one of the most imitation bags in the world, and the counterfeiters have become very professional in that, until it has become difficult for the untrained eye to be able to differentiate between the original and the fake bag, so we have carefully researched and collected for every 10 tips to be able to differentiate well between a bag Louis Vuitton original and fake.

Here are ten tips that will save you from being exposed to commercial fraud in Louis Vuitton bags…

1. Compare the image of the original bag with the copy that you have:

First, you have to check the inner label of the bag, for example, the logo should be in the middle, and inside the bag you will find a 3D image and a serial number.

2. Check the sewing stitches:

imitators often err in imitating sewing, for example, the stitching on the Louis Vuitton Alma bag is double on the outside of the bag, which imitators often overlook. You can also check the sewing if it is uneven or tilted, as it is evidence The bag is fake.

3. Check the interior pockets:

Make sure that the number and position of the pockets in the bag match the pictures of the original bag.

4. Check the lining of the bag:

Counterfeiters often mistake the color of the inner lining of the bag, and a forger can use a bad fabric for the lining, so make sure of the quality of the fabric as well.

5. Check the LV tab:

the original bag has the logo made in one piece, unlike most fake bags that have the logo in two pieces.

6. Check the plating of the bag’s metal:

The metals in fake bags often have an uneven coating, unlike the original bags.

7. Smell the leather:

Although a large part of the original Louis Vuitton bags contain vinyl, it still does not have an odor, unlike fake bags that have the smell of synthetic materials in it.

8. Check the Louis Vuitton date code:

On the side of the wallet you will find a small square piece of leather inside the bag with the LV date codes on it, for example the German-made symbol is LP.

9. Buy from the original source:

You can avoid paying a large amount in the bag and then being cheated, by entering the original site and ordering the bag from it, or seeing the list of original distributors and ordering from the nearest distributor to you.

10. MyPoupette:

This site contains a list of fake distributors that you can avoid if you want to buy a genuine bag.

In the end, you deserve to pamper yourself, flaunt your money, and buy a Louis Vuitton designer bag, so make sure it’s not fake.

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