12 best designs for mothers bags

12 best designs for mothers bags
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The life of mothers is somewhat chaotic, it is possible that you are in a restaurant and your child causes a situation that needs emergency treatment with tissues, soap, etc., so you always need a large bag and at the same time it must be elegant as well, where you can wear it to work.

Here is a list of the best handbags for mothers, designed for all your needs.

1. A large Borough bag.

This is the ideal bag for working and non-working mothers, as it is characterized by its spacious pockets that will contain your baby’s things, as well as many separate pockets inside the bag that will enable you to put your valuables in it, in addition to the light logo on the bag, which gives it great elegance.

2. Louis Vuitton Never Full MM Bag.

This bag is characterized by its thin straps that make it easy to carry and its spacious pockets that enable you to put a lot of things. It is also made of strong classic fabric, in addition to a small bag inside to put your special things, which can be easily extracted and carried on its own.

3. Carry-all Simon Camille bag.

Designed with luxurious beads and mirrors, this bag is perfect for parties, and will keep you feeling young and excited even with your little one’s stuff inside.

4. Birkin bag in crocodile leather.

This bag is considered one of the most beloved pieces in the world of mothers, as it combines the appropriate shape of the university girl and a bag that contains all the baby’s necessities, and the appearance of crocodile skin in it gives a famous image of social mothers.

5. LV capucines bag.

This bag comes with four very small metal legs to fix it when standing up, and it also has metal handles that give it a touch of elegance, along with the long strap of this bag, which gives the look of a college girl but with a bag that holds all your child’s essentials.

6. Givenchy Lucre Zia bag.

This bag is easy to carry due to its leather handles and long strap, and this bag combines practicality and elegance, as it is medium in size and preferred by many famous mothers such as Jennifer Garner.

7. Lucas leopard bag.

When carrying this bag, you will feel very confident because of its leopard skin, which gives you the appearance of an independent working woman or a fierce mother in all aspects of her life.

8. Pandora bag from Givenchy.

This medium sized bag is perfect for a short walk, as it is light in weight but still has plenty of room for your little one’s essentials.

9. Goyard bag from St. Louis.

This bag is characterized by its durability and light weight, it withstands all the rigors of use and is also perfectly suitable for all moms from celebrities to socialites.

10. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour.

This bag is suitable for working hours in the morning or hiking with the children in the evening. It is characterized by its elegant appearance and its spacious size, in addition to the possibility of controlling its length by means of the long strap or the short handles.

11. Stella McCartney Falabella Bag.

It’s a padded bag, very similar to the celebrity bags, and you can carry it around your neck, cross-body, or by hanging it below the shoulder for a different new look.

12. Chanel linen bag.

This Chanel bag is durable, large, breathable, lightweight and can be worn on the shoulders or arms, featuring handles and a long strap.

You can use one of these bags for shopping as well, and there is no need for the many plastic bags that often cause your hand to swell.

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