Top Designer Handbag Brands – List of Top Brands

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Top Designer Handbag Brands: List of Top Brands


 For many, it is considered a crime that you do not know the trends and do not have at least some of the latest fashion items that guarantee you to look great.  Bags are at the forefront of the most important fashion elements, as they are presented in various ways from the world’s largest luxury clothing brands.


 Quality is not required in bags, you can buy a very expensive bag due to its brand, but despite that, you find that its quality is not the best thing.  We have collected for you 10 bags of different types and quality. 


  1. Parfois Bag:

 The bags of this brand are characterized by practicality, good quality, in addition to the good price and the presence of a large variety of colors and prints.  The origin of this bag comes from Portugal and it is found all over Europe, and most of them are distinguished by the presence of a copy on both sides of the bag, both of which are painted with their own color using eco-leather as a material that shows itself in a very attractive way when worn.


  1. David Jones Bag:

 These bags are distinguished by their modern appearance, the presence of a variety of designs and flowers, in addition to their ideal cost and wear resistance.  French David Jones bags vary in their designs between travel bags, classic bags and backpacks, in addition to business bags. 


  1. Fossil Bag:

 These bags are distinguished by their good price, convenient use, and modern colours, and their only drawback is their medium resistance to abrasion.  In this brand, daring, bright solutions and high-quality sewing materials, a Chinese brand distributed in the USA, are combined with audacity, bright solutions and high-quality sewing materials.


  1. Medvedkovo Bag:

 This brand contains a variety of low-priced goods that are distinguished by their good quality and the natural materials used for their manufacture.  This Russian brand is not limited to women’s bags only, but also backpacks and travel bags made of natural leather, and this diversity, along with quality, is what made the factory gain great fame throughout Russia for more than forty years. 


  1. Marc Jacobs Bag:

 In 2014, this French brand was chosen as the most popular brand that garnered public attention.  This bag features 3D models with a range of adjustable straps.  In addition, natural suede leather is often used in the manufacture of these bags.


  1. Furla Bag:

 This brand is distinguished by high quality, unique design and reliability.  It is considered one of the international Italian brands with various geometric shapes.  One of the most famous bags of this brand is the small bag from Metropolis, which any girl interested in fashion would like to have.  The only drawback of this brand is its high price.


  1. Francesco marconi bag:

 This Italian brand is distinguished by its classic shape, bold colors, high quality and original design.  The bag is also distinguished by its elegant appearance, crocodile print leather, and the quality of the seams. 


  1. Michael Kors Bag:

 This brand is distinguished by its very elegant design and true trend in the modern era.  Its design is distinguished by smooth, strict lines, elegant design and high quality.  Its only drawback is the high price of some of its products.


  1. Gucci bag:

 This Italian brand is characterized by excellent tailoring, a classic, elegant and unique design, in addition to its resistance to abrasion, as well as the use of natural materials in its manufacture.  Gucci is an expensive bag, but the quality is undoubtedly worth it.


  1. Prafa Bag:

 This brand is characterized by the highest quality in addition to its expensive appearance and the most elegant designs ever, because it combines in its design between the classic shape and elegant colours.  These bags are popularized by the world’s most famous fashion houses.


Now, you have seen everything related to the top brands of handbags, were you able to decide which brands you will buy an elegant bag from?!!


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