Five of the best purple bags

Five of the best purple bags
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Do you love the colour purple, today we present to you the five best purple bags that you can get, as these bags have an unmatched appeal, they were made in order to always draw attention to you, and make you follow the global trends.

1. Michael Kors Purple Handbag:

The Michael Kors brand is one of the well-known and famous brands and has gained great popularity in a very short time. The Michael Kors bag is rectangular and is characterized by its large size and purple colour, as well as the detachable straps, making it easy for you to wear it in both cases, whether with your elbow or swinging it on your arm.
One of the advantages of the bag is that its rectangular structure, its large size, and the detachable straps, and its only drawback is its large size, which makes you put a lot of weight in it, making it difficult for you to carry it.

2. Kate Spade Renny Drive Angelic Shoulder Bag.

This bag is characterized by its small size that makes you have it on all your occasions, as it is suitable for carrying a mobile phone and some cash and cards, which makes it easy for you to carry, and its purple colour adds more elegance to you.
Among the features of the bag: its external slip pocket, its distinctive purple colour, and its only drawback is that its straps are not detachable from the bag.

3. M Crocodile Skin Clutch Bag.

This bag is a new brand in the market and it is one of the best five purple bags, as it is characterized by its length = 10, height = 6, depth = 2, and strap length = 8 (inches), and it is characterized by its hook handle, and it has 6 slots inside, Two for bills, one zip slot in the back of the bag, and two more zip slots.
It is also distinguished by the glossy crocodile leather from which the bag is made and the original cowhide leather lining the bag, and there is currently no shipping for it except to the United States of America, but soon shipping will be available to the rest of the world and the bag will be accompanied by the original CITES certificate. Stranger things.
One of the advantages of the bag is the durability and high quality of the bag, the materials it is made of, the bag has a money-back guarantee, the bag comes with a CITES certificate, and the disadvantages of the bag are that it has no straps, the leather of the bag is not soft.

4. Ralph Lauren Smooth Leather Marcy Satchel Bag.

This brand does not need any introductions about it or its quality, this company follows up with the customer his request and is characterized by its credibility that is lacking in many other companies. Separation, airtight closure and ranked among the top five purple bags on the market.
One of the features of the bag is that its detachable strap, its secure closure, and its soft leather.

5. Harris Tweed Bag.

This bag is handmade from Scotland and this brand is known and famous all over the world and this bag is characterized by its key ring, other than the matching wallet for the bag, also its beautiful elegant attractive appearance distinguishes it among all bags, especially its purple colour.
One of the features of the bag is that it is handmade, its brand, its accessories from a matching wallet and a keychain, its elegant appearance and its purple colour.

What you should pay attention to when buying the five best purple bags?

When buying a purple designed bag, you should be careful because the price of one bag is equal to three months’ rent, and we will give you some tips for buying these bags, which are:
● Search and compare bags: Because of the many brands and elegantly designed bags, you must search and compare bags until you decide on the right bag for you.

● Ease of use of the bag: You must know the purpose of acquiring the bag to make it easier for you to choose. You must take into account the clothes that fit the bag.

● Selection of designs: You must put the designs in front of your eyes in order to acquire a bag that you can leave as an inheritance for your daughter or that you can use for many years and not perish in a few years.

• If you reside in the United States, the bag will not be as expensive and expensive as it is outside the United States of America, which costs you a lot of money to ship.

We brought you the five best purple bags, but you should know that the colour of the bag is very important, like the design. You should not put all the focus on the design of the bag, but you should also consider the colour and choose the right colour for your clothes.

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