Clean a Chanel handbag using vinegar and without damaging it.

Clean a Chanel handbag using vinegar and without damaging it.
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A fashion season cannot pass without a new unique collection of Chanel bags, and despite the different shape of the bag, whether it is classic or glossy leather, sophistication and elegance are the title of any new Chanel collection.
That is why if you are lucky and you have one of the Chanel bags, you need to clean it correctly and with materials that fit the leather of the bag and do not expose it to damage, so follow the article to learn the steps to do so.

The correct way to clean Chanel leather bags.

1. Put a small spoon of white vinegar in a cup of lukewarm water

then take a white cloth or an old shirt and dip it in the solution.

2. On the outside of the bag

, clean the glossy leather using the cloth previously dampened in the solution.

3. By dipping a clean piece of cloth in lukewarm water only

clean the outside surface again to remove any leftover vinegar smell.

4. Allow the bag to dry overnight in a place away from heat.

If the Chanel bag is made of canvas or suede..

1. Use a suede brush to clean the suede bag,

by gently setting the tool on fire and then wiping the surface of the bag to remove any dirt in it.

2. Use a suede or suede stone eraser to remove

stubborn stains by rubbing the stone two or three times across the leather of the bag.

3. If the bag is made of cloth;

Put a teaspoon of liquid soap in a cup of water and mix them well.

4. Dip a piece of cloth in the mixture

then rub the stain from the leather of the bag and let it dry for a day.

Other tips for cleaning Chanel bags.

Don’t put your bag in the dryer to dry quickly as microfibers are sensitive to heat and this will make your bag crack.

Always check the color stability of the bag by placing an amount of detergent in a hidden place of the bag to ensure that its color will not change to lighter or darker.
Even if the bag is water-safe, do not immerse it in water to clean it.

Place the bag inside a storage bag or cotton pillowcase while storing it to protect it from dust.

Finally, a bag as great as Chanel is worth going at least once a year to a professional bag restorer, so be sure to pamper your bag.

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