Correct ways to carry a handbag.

Correct ways to carry a handbag.
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Ways to carry the handbag correctly is the topic that we will talk about in our article, as many women complain of pain in the back, neck and shoulders due to carrying the backpack for long periods. .

Incorrect ways to carry a handbag..

There are some of the many ways that are considered incorrect to carry a handbag, and thus lead to the occurrence of back, neck and shoulder pain, and these methods include the following:

• Heavy bag on one side.

Some women carry a heavy bag on one side, and this is one of the incorrect ways that leads to shoulder and neck pain, the weight of your bag should not exceed 10% of your weight because this will put pressure on the trapezius muscle that is found in the shoulder and the pain in this muscle extends to The back of the neck and then to the skull, which may lead to tension and severe anxiety and a headache for most women, which is explained by many as a migraine and excludes the possibility of carrying the bag incorrectly.

• Bag with thin straps.

A bag with very thin straps causes pain in the shoulder because the thin straps press on the shoulder muscles directly, and this negatively affects the muscle.

• Wear the backpack too low.

Using a long handbag on one shoulder, as this leads to severe pain in the shoulder and back muscles together.

Correct ways to carry a handbag.

After we have learned about the wrong ways to carry a handbag, we will learn below on the ideal ways to carry a handbag to avoid the pain that bothers many women.

1. Top handbags.

Women carry a bag by holding it in the hand or placing it in the elbow fold. This is the correct way to carry the bag and does not lead to pain at all, and it is also very convenient, as women can change the bag from the right hand to the left hand, and pregnancy in this way gives shape Attractive and beautiful
The switch between the hands does not lead to muscle strain and pain, even if the bag is somewhat heavy.

2. Carrying bags.

Doctors advise when using handbags to be smaller and lighter in weight and also to check the width of the straps so as not to cause us harm, and that this makes carrying the bag more comfortable on the muscles so we must carry the bag that suits us, and the bag can be switched between the shoulders from a period of time To the other, this makes the pressure on one shoulder light and the muscles are not exposed to continuous pressure for a long time.

3. Cross body bags.

Hanging the bag in a cross shape, that is, in a cross shape on the body, looks like things, and many women use it. It is also healthy for the body, but you should not continue with it for long periods and change the handbag from time to time so that it does not remain on the body in the same position for long periods, as this leads to pain in the muscles.

4. Backpack.

It is one of the best ways to carry bags, and it is considered one of the very ideal ways as it suits the nature of the body and distributes the load on the muscles equally, where the shoulders and the back participate in carrying the bag, and this makes it more light and we do not feel its weight. But it is unhealthy, as it causes back pain, as well as shoulder.

Dear, you have to take care of your health well more than your appearance, so you have to know how to carry the handbag correctly to avoid any health damage, and there is no objection to appearing attractive when carrying it in the right way as well.

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