Eight blue handbags for the best designers.

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Calmness and psychological comfort are what you feel when looking at the sky or the sea, and this is precisely what prompted the best designers to produce a variety of blue bags that often reflect the colour of the ocean.
The blue colour is mostly associated with winter fashion, so international fashion tends to it starting from the first of October, so this is the ideal time to choose one of those bags.

Here are eight blue bags we have collected for you from the best designers.

1. Coach Handmade Shoulder Bag.

This bag is considered the joker of your clothes, as it has almost everything you need and you can put everything you want due to its spacious size, in addition to many other features such as its original leather, the external magnetic closure, the internal pocket, as well as many internal pockets and its removable belt.
The bag is also distinguished by its wonderful price, which is estimated at about two hundred dollars, which is definitely worth its distinctive sky colour.

2. Coach Eddy 31 bag.

A masterpiece of pebbled leather, this bag features a sophisticated look that includes three separate pockets, allowing you to ideally organize your bag, in addition to its gorgeous slate blue colour.

3. Evangel saffiano bag.

This Kate Spade bag has been plated in 14k gold, has a jacquard lining, has a large interior and a detachable shoulder strap, and its sapphire blue colour is less than $300.

4. Zip bag from Kate Spade Jackson.

This bag is distinguished by its wonderful price, which is about 150 dollars, and it comes in a royal blue colour that gives it an elegant and modern look, and it comes with a pocket and a sliding zipper.

5. Rima cross body bag.

This wallet is small but suitable for placing your essentials, and it comes in the colour of Dawn blue and an inner and an outer zipper, and its average price is approximately $200.

6. The blue Gucci bag.

The light blue colour and the small size are the biggest characteristic of this bag, and it is designed with an interior compartment, magnetic closure, internal and external zipper, in addition to an adjustable strap, and in fact it just needs a little expensive budget, as its price reaches approximately $ 900.

7. Nylon bag from Coach brand.

Just like its name, this bag is made of high-quality nylon and feels very soft. It is designed with a fabric lining and a top zipper. It is very spacious and has many pockets. It is available in a royal blue colour, and its price is great, which is less than about 150 dollars.

8. Jane Cross body by Rebecca Mink off.

This bag is the perfect accessory for this season. It has been crafted with a front buckle, pebbled leather, a detachable strap, and a flat bottom that gives it a straight structure. The back has a zip pocket and is available in a gorgeous light blue colour.

Those were the eight coolest blue handbags for the best designers, now you can choose the right blue bag for you easily.

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