Eight tips to differentiate between genuine and fake coach wallets

Eight tips to differentiate between genuine and fake coach wallets
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It is known that everyone seeks international brands, so when there is a discount or offer on one of these products, everyone is rushing to get it, but what if those products are originally fake, but the owner of the product is deceiving you.  One of the most important brands with which this happens are the Coach wallets.


Now we will show you how to tell the difference between genuine and fake Coach wallets…


  1. If you are buying wallets online

    , you must first check the serial numbers of the bag or proof of purchase to determine the original purchase date of the Coach wallet.


  1. Check the width of the outer and inner texture of the Double C logos

    , if the double C does not match or the outer part of the wallet is twisted, then the wallet is fake.  If the inner fabric and outer lining have the letter C, then the wallet is also fake.


  1. Check the glue inside and outside the wallet,

    this will help as the original wallets do not have any seams.  So if you find any glue residue, this is a fake Coach wallet.


  1. Check the stitching,

    in the case of fake Coach wallets, you will find the threads are patchy on both sides of the wallet.

This is unlike the original Coach wallet which has no hanging lines.


  1. Beware of fake Coach wallet prices,

    as sellers of fake Coach wallets cut prices even below the retail price of the original product.  You can avoid this by entering the original Coach website, knowing the current prices, and looking at the list of authorized distributors.

  2. According to New York Time, Coach brand uses strong YKK zippers in the production of their wallets, which fake brands can’t use the same type of zippers.


  1. Check the hardware of the Coach check book wallet

  2. which should be heavy, made of real copper, not hollow, display the Coach logo on the clasp, or contain some other type of metal fastener.


  1. Check the outer cover of the wallet for fake leather

  2. as the original wallet is of soft leather, unlike fake wallets that feel somewhat plastic.


 Some of the authorized third-party websites that are authorized to sell original Coach products, according to Coach are:



  • Bergners.com


  • Bloomingdales.com


  • Bonton.com


  • Bostonstore.com


  • Carsons.com


  • Dillards.com


  • Elder-Beerman.com


  • Herbergers.com


  • LordandTaylor.com


  • Macys.com


  • Mynavyexchange.com


  • Shopmyexchange.com


  • TheBay.com


  • VonMaur.com


  • Younkers.com


  • Zappos.com


You should follow the tips and warnings above to ensure that you buy a genuine Coach product, and in case you are exposed to fraud at any time, you can report it anonymously by calling the anti-counterfeiting hotline 877-788-7656, or at least report and send the required information to the following e-mail counterfeits@coach.com.

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