Five of the best yoga bags.

Five of the best yoga bags.
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Mental clarity is what yoga aims for, but how will that happen when you think a lot that you are going to yoga practice and you are not wearing the appropriate bag for exercise clothes or to the place of exercise, whether it is open or in a closed hall.
Your mind will be very distracted when you see the rest of the people in the exercise who are interested in the appearance of their bag unlike you, and because your comfort is what we strive for, we have collected for you the five best bags designed for yoga.

1. Yogiii Tote PRO.

This bag fits all sizes of yoga mats and allows for a yoga towel, some clothes and a bottle of water, and despite its durability, it is light in weight and perfectly stitched on the outside and inside with a single twill layer, it is a bag without zippers or clips.
The bag is gender-neutral, and it is high and worn over the shoulder, and there is a large compartment to carry your belongings in addition to a small front pocket to store your belongings such as keys, wallet and phone, and it can be used in the gym, shopping and travel as well.

2. Lulu lemon.

This bag is popular and loved among yoga lovers, due to its funky colours and practical design made of high-quality water-repellent materials, so it is ideal in the rain.
The bag comes with a strong zipper with a removable elastic strap, and the leather material of the bag is made of high-quality nylon.

3. Gaiam yoga mat.

Made of 100% cotton and fully lined with nylon, this bag is suitable for any rug up to 24″ wide. It has an exterior zip pocket with multiple interior pockets, magnetic buttons, and size 33 shoulder straps.

4. Ewedoos yoga mat.

This bag is neutral and suitable for both sexes and can carry all yoga mats. It is designed with two pockets, one for sunglasses and the other for a water bottle. It also has a small inner pocket with a zip. As for its material, it is made of durable cotton fabric, and it provides you with a very large space with a shoulder strap.

5. Kindvolk Yoga Duffle Bag.

This bag is made of a textured fabric of a heavenly colour, and it is suitable for thick yoga mats and is handmade and animal-friendly, and its shape is eye-catching, in addition to its large interior space with an external zip pocket and strong and reinforced belts.

Make sure that you are calm in your mind during yoga, and at the same time calm in thinking about your things that you collect in one wonderful bag.

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