Five steps to clean and care for your precious Gucci bag without damaging it

Five steps to clean and care for your precious Gucci bag without damaging it
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Permanent cleaning of bags is the eternal secret of taking care of the bag and maintaining it for as long as possible, as it will rid you of microbes and viruses stuck to it, which can cause you diseases.

You’ll need these things to clean your Gucci bag:

Neutral cream paint.
Leather softener.
Anti-bacterial wipes.
Suede eraser.
A white piece of cloth.
Nylon or suede brush.
Mild liquid detergent.
Terry cloth towel.
Acid-free paper towels.

The steps you have to follow:

Step 1:

Clean the bag and remove small items, then turn the Gucci bag or purse upside down and empty it well.

Step 2:

Using a suede or nylon brush, make a gentle rubbing motion on the leather of the bag or purse.

Step 3:

Use lukewarm soapy water to make a lather by putting two cups of water with two drops of cleaning fluid, and then dip the cloth into the soap suds and then rub it on the surface of the bag. You can also use the sponge to do this.

After that, using a clean damp cloth to wipe the surface of the bag, and after it dries, put a small amount of leather moisturizer on the cloth and rub it on the leather of the bag to prevent it from drying out and keep it soft.
Step 4: The handles and base of the bags are the perfect place for germs and microbes to collect, and thus go directly to your hand and cause you an infection, so you should use anti-bacterial wet wipes to clean your Gucci bag with it at least once a week, and if you don’t have it, you can use alcohol on a cloth Wet it and do the same cleaning process.

Step 5:

Leave the bag to dry in dust-free air, and if it’s windy, you can let it air dry on the sofa.

Some tips for caring for a Gucci bag…

At first, you should fill the bag with some papers before starting the cleaning process, in order to maintain its shape after drying.
Spray your bag with a leather protector before using it for the first time. Thus, it will have an insulating layer against stains.
Store the bag in a cotton pillowcase in case you store it for a while.
Keep the bag always hydrated to keep the leather from cracking.
Keep your makeup in a separate bag so that your bag does not get dirty inside and sometimes outside.

You now know how to keep your Gucci bag always clean, and do not forget that you are thus protecting your health against exposure to microbes or viruses, and you should also remember that the Gucci bag is distinctive in shape and somewhat high in price, so it really deserves constant attention to stay with you as long as possible .

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