Four simple steps to clean the Gucci Denim bag.

Four simple steps to clean the Gucci Denim bag.
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This delicate bag is one of the most soiled bags and it needs constant cleaning so that it stays with you for as long as possible, and cleaning it is preferable to be manually, so we will show you how to do it by four simple steps.

What will you need to clean a Gucci denim bag?

warm water.
White paper towels.
liquid detergent.
An old shirt or white cloth.
Leather moisturizer for bags.

Steps to follow…

For the leather parts of the bag; Apply a small amount of leather moisturizer to it using a cloth and do not apply it directly to the leather, then gently rub the surface of the leather.

2. Mix two cups of water with two cups of liquid detergent

, then wet a small area of ​​the bag with a damp cloth to do a colour fastness test. If the colour of the bag does not change for 15 minutes, clean the dirt and stains by gently moving the cloth over it.

3. Using an old shirt or white cloth

, dry the bag and leave it overnight in the air away from the heat so that the leather of the bag does not wrinkle.

4. To clean the lining, turn the bag over

and use a mixture of soapy water to clean with a piece of cloth, then let the bag air dry for a full day.

More tips to maintain your bag…

If the stain on your bag is not oily or watery, take the bag to a professional bag service centre.

In case you store the bag after cleaning; Use tissue paper to stuff the bag to maintain its shape, and you can also use a pillow case to put the bag inside to protect it from dust and dirt.

You can clean the bag on a monthly basis only to protect it from damage due to frequent cleaning and also to protect it from rapid damage due to misuse.

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