How to arrange handbags

How to arrange handbags
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All women are obsessed with buying more bags, those bags are things that need to be tidy up, so we will learn how to organize handbags in easy ways so that they do not cause any clutter around the house, and the house is always tidy and neat.

How to arrange handbags

Arranging handbags is one of the necessary things that saves you a lot of clutter, and this helps you to get all your things without the trouble of searching, and handbags can be arranged by following the following steps:

First, empty all contents of the bag

You have to empty your bag by taking out all its contents in all the pockets and compartments in the bag from the inside and outside, and after making sure that it is completely empty, you must clean it by turning it upside down over the garbage bin to make sure that it is free of harmful things and dust.

Second: Organize the contents of your bag

After you emptied the bag, and cleaned it, you should start organizing the contents that were inside it according to their priorities, by placing similar things in one place, by dividing the makeup and different care products according to their type separately.

Third: Get rid of useless things

It is common that when you leave your bag unorganized for a while there may be some useless items inside that you no longer need, for example: you may find some old items such as purchase bills, empty candy bags, and you have to get rid of all that clutter.

Fourth: Arrange your bag according to uses

After you have arranged your things according to their type, and got rid of the clutter, you must arrange the things inside the bag according to priority of use by arranging rarely used things in the back, and always used things in the front, and you have to put only important things inside the bag, because the more light it was That’s better.

Fifth: buy a small bag

Having a small handbag is essential, as this reduces the clutter that is in large bags and prevents you from putting unimportant things inside your bag, so it is better to replace your large bags with small ones, preferably with an attractive design to match all your clothes.

Sixth: Buy a bag with internal and external pockets

One of the best handbags that you should seek to own is the bags that contain many internal and external pockets, because this will help you organize your bag better, and help you put the items according to the priority of use, and avoids that some items will be damaged by other items, rubbing the phone With keys or any metal tool you have, this may damage it.

Seventh: Replace large items with small ones

You should buy things with small packages that are intended for your bag, instead of the large packages in your home, all you have to do is carry the items according to the quantity that you will use while you are outside the house, whether on vacation, work or study, according to the type of purposes, and how often you need them.

Eight: Store similar things together

You have to buy bags to put the similar things together, such as buying a makeup bag to put all the makeup tools inside, and you should also buy a bag store in order to put your cards, wallet, and all credit cards inside it in an organized way, this saves you a lot of bag space.

Ninth: Use one box per week of your tablets

Instead of carrying all the medicine boxes in your bag, you should allocate a weekly box of tablets in which you put all the strips you use, as this will help you save a lot of space in your bag, and you can stick a sheet of medication on each strip This will help you a lot.

Tenth: Keep unnecessary things in your car

You should keep make-up tools, first aid kits, and some skin care products in your car as this will save you a lot of space in your car, and this will make it easier for you to reach for things and saves you from having to carry them all the time.

In conclusion, we have learned how to arrange handbags and the methods of organization used, in order to get neat and clean bags, so do not hesitate, dear, to use these methods to make your bag better than before.

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