How to buy wallets and handbags in bulk

How to buy wallets and handbags in bulk
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Buying one of the international brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel or Fendi is one of the most important steps to being present in the world of elegance and fashion.  Therefore, buying international handbags at a wholesale price is a profitable deal, as you will combine elegance, good price, and perhaps functionality if you buy bags in quantities and trade in them.

How to buy wallets and handbags in bulk

Now here are the top tips for doing that:


  • At first, you have to remember that bags and wallets have many types, such as beach bags, small bags, shoulder bags, work bags, tote bags, and so on…


  • So when you start buying bags and wallets in bulk, you have to determine the category that you will put in your store and you have to determine the maximum wholesale amount that you will spend for each bag and the amount of profit that will return to you from the sale.


  • Know the difference between wholesale and retail, for example, the price of the bag that you will pay should be from 70:75% of the price at which the bag will be offered for sale.


  • Visit leading fashion websites and read magazines for current prices for purses and bags.


  • Follow trade shows, retailers, online auctions, and discounts offered by bag manufacturers for bulk deals.


  • Follow the commercial sites and use the search engines to make a list of all the commercial sites that offer the latest designer handbags for sale.


  • Check product specifications and stock information before purchasing in bulk.  Wholesale websites include Alibaba and eBay.


  • You will need to obtain a retail license to buy and sell merchandise in your state.


  • You need to determine your purchasing criteria before ordering bulk bags and wallets.  For example, many online wholesalers require a minimum order of 50 bags and up to 350 for new customers to ensure they are serious.


  • Keep in mind that there are other costs such as shipping costs, so before sending the buyer’s order, contact the sales representative and make sure that everything will be done on time.


  • Buy all bags and wallets in bulk with credit card with your use of insurance and protection against fraud.


Some other information about buying bags and wallets in bulk:

  • Before buying in bulk, ask the seller or manufacturer to see a sample of the bags you are going to buy in bulk, so you can check their quality.


  • Try to develop your relationships with wholesalers to get big breaks when you buy bags and wallets in bulk.


Trading in fashion and its derivatives is undoubtedly a profitable business, but only if you do it correctly so as not to suffer a financial loss, whether by not being able to get a profit or buying bad goods.

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