How to clean a leather bag

How to clean a leather bag
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Many women are looking for ways to clean a leather bag because it is expensive, and ways to keep it from stains and remove stains from it. Below we will show you the ways to clean a leather bag in detail.

• Cleaning with corn-starch.

All you have to do is sprinkle a little corn-starch or baking soda on the area where there are greasy spots, then gently rub it with a piece of cloth, then leave it for a short period, as the starch or soda absorbs the oil, after that, wipe the excess using A soft, dry cloth.

• Cleaning with lemon juice and cream of tartar.

Mix lemon juice and cream of tartar and put the mixture on a cotton cloth, then wipe the bag and distribute it well and then wipe with a dry piece, because lemon increases the skin’s softness and gives it shine and lustre.

• Use window cleaner to remove stains.

When using water fails to remove stains, you will need to choose something more powerful. We use a high-quality glass cleaner, which usually comes in a spray bottle to be easy to use. Then we spray the spray gently on the stain and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

• Use alcohol for discoloration and stubborn stains.

Dip an earbud or a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe it over stubborn stains, such as food stains, ink stains, etc. If the stain remains, use nail polish remover, and wipe it with a paper towel later.

• Use Vaseline.

You can also use Vaseline to clean a leather bag, as Vaseline is more effective in removing dye stains by applying it to the bag, massaging it, then leaving it for a while, and drying it well with a cotton cloth.

• Heat the leather bag with steam.

We boil the water over a medium heat, and as soon as it boils, remove it from the heat. We bring the leather bag close to the steam. This will soften the stains and make them meet. After that, let your wallet dry and pass a soft brush over the stains. This will help remove all the stains.

• Cleaning with water and shampoo.

Sometimes all you need is a little water and a shower shampoo to clean the leather bag. Water can help remove stains easily such as itchy marks or nail marks. To remove these light stains, wet a paper towel with water and shampoo and rub it gently with a cotton cloth or paper towel. .

• Cleaning with scented scents.

Spray the leather bag with the perfume bottle, and with a dry cloth it will become more shiny, and also have a pungent smell, and the perfume eliminates dust and stains and keeps the leather from peeling.

Ways to maintain a bag made of leather.

There are many ways to help you keep the leather bag from being exposed to stains and dirt for long periods of time. Here are some of these methods:
• Keep the bag inside a closed place, such as a clothes folder.
• Do not put foods in the bag.
• Keep the bag you do not use in nylon bags in a closed place to protect it from dust.
• Do not put your bag on any fence in the street.
• Do not put your bag on the dining table, but put it on a chair.
At the conclusion of our topic in which we talked about ways to clean a bag made of leather, we have mentioned to you all the different ways and also how to maintain the bag to be attractive in appearance and elegant as new.

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