How to clean a suede handbag

How to clean a suede handbag
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Methods for cleaning a handbag made of suede is one of the most important topics that occupy a lot because the bag made of suede is expensive, so many people care about cleaning and caring for it in order to preserve it.

How to clean a suede handbag

There are many pictures to remove the stains that affect the suede bag, and we will show you some ways to get rid of these stains, which are as follows:

• First method:

What you need in this method is a bowl of hot water, a toothbrush or a suitable small brush, and a clean piece of cheesecloth, a little alcohol and vinegar. The stains will begin to gradually disappear until they are finished, then we dry them with a cotton cloth until they are completely dry and the effect of water and alcohol disappears from them.

• Second method:

Snow powder and hairspray can be used, as it helps to get rid of ink spots on deer skin by placing it on the spots and rubbing with a toothbrush in equal directions, after that we put the snow powder and continue to rub with the brush, and we dry the powder and hairspray with a piece of cotton to dry Completely and leave it for a while in the air.

The third method:

We bring any kind of laundry detergent and put it on the ink stain and put a little lukewarm water on it and scrub with a brush, and repeat this step, the stains will be completely vanished because the laundry detergent contains enzymes that help in the disappearance of ink stains completely.

Fourth method:

In this method, we bring our own toothpaste and put a little of it on the place of the stains in the skin, then we spread it several times with the brush until the stain begins to disappear, then we dry the paste with cotton and wipe it well with caution in dealing with the skin so as not to cause a scratch.

The fifth method:

An acne treatment cream can be used to remove ink spots from the leather of a suede bag by applying the cream to the spot, and rubbing it with a piece of cotton cloth, the spot will disappear because it contains benzoyl peroxide that helps remove stains. Then we bring another piece of cloth wet with water. Just wipe the place of the cream, and then leave it for a short period of time in the air to dry.

How to maintain the suede bag?

After we know the ways to clean stains from a suede bag, we will learn about its protection, and the ways to maintain it are as follows:

• Do not leave the bag in the sun for long periods of time and exposure to high temperature.
• Clean the bag on a daily basis and keep it in a closed place away from dust and others.
• Not to put foods that contain oils and fatty substances in the bag, even if it is closed.
• You should not leave the bag with children.
• Do not place the bag on the floor and place it on the table.
• When the bag gets stained, it must be cleaned immediately and not left for a long time.
In this way, you can maintain the suede bag and keep it as clean without stains.

Thus, we have learned how to clean the handbag made of suede, as well as how to maintain and protect it in a simplified manner and an adequate explanation.

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