How to clean a white handbag

How to clean a white handbag
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White bags are among the most purchased things in the market because of their attractive colour, but unfortunately they are bags that absorb dust and dirt, so we will learn how to clean a white handbag of different types.

How to clean a white handbag..

You can clean the white handbag by using any of the following things, they all help in the cleaning process:
● Hair roller.
● Wet wipes.
● Small bristle brush.
● Leather squeegee.
● alcohol.
● A piece of cotton.
● White vinegar.
● waterproof.
● An old piece of cloth.
● Window cleaner.
● Starch.

Hand bag cleaning steps..

You can clean the handbag by following some of the following steps:
● Start cleaning the bag from the inside by pulling its lining, and cleaning it of all things with a lint roller.
● Wipe the stains on the bag with a wet tissue.
● Erase all dirt and others using the leather eraser and in a circular motion.
● Remove the ink on the bag using alcohol, and then wipe the bag with a damp cloth.
● Remove black spots in the bag with vinegar, water and a small cloth.
● Use window cleaner to restore the lustre of the leather.
● To clean the bag from fat, it should be sprinkled with starch for at least 15 minutes and then cleaned with a cloth.

In conclusion, we have learned how to clean the white handbag, as it is one of the attractive bags that everyone uses, so it needs a special cleaning method, so do not hesitate to try these common methods.

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