How to clean and repair a straw handbag in nine steps.

How to clean and repair a straw handbag in nine steps.
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The straw bag is an essential part of your wardrobe throughout the summer. It’s great for the picnic, the beach, and more. It’s also elegant in linen dresses and cotton clothes, but it always needs cleaning and repair, so we provided you with the perfect way to do that.

The steps you should follow…

At first, wet a white cloth with cold water, wring it out, and then gently wipe the straw bag to remove surface dirt.

Now make a mixture of soapy water or baby shampoo in cold water, then dip a clean cloth in it and wring it out very well to prevent the bag from absorbing excess water and exposing it to a permanent stain.

Avoid rubbing the bag while cleaning, then use a white cloth again and put it in cold water to remove the soap residue, and do not forget to squeeze it well before that.

Repeat wiping with a dry cloth, making sure that it is in the direction of the weave of the straw bag, and avoid wiping inward into the straw so as not to damage the fibbers of the bag.

Leave the bag to dry completely in a cool, ventilated place for a minimum of 12 hours to dry.

Use cement and rubber cloth to repair the rips in the bag if it is lined, but if it is unlined, use cement only, and to avoid distortion do this on the back of the bag only.

While the cement is setting, also put a piece of cloth inside the bag to hold the cement over it until it dries, and then take it out again.

Allow the bag to dry and then remove the excess wax from it with your fingernails or using tweezers.

Some other advice…
Never immerse the straw bag in water.

Use cold water to clean.

If there is a greasy spot, use a small brush to clean, use a cotton swab to wipe the bag, and a cloth to remove any remaining grease or soap.

Dilute rubbing alcohol with water and wipe the bag for a brilliant shine.

The bag can be relatively strengthened by coating it with a light amount of lacquer, which will also protect it while rubbing against your clothes.

Finally, in the event that you get a stubborn stain such as makeup or ink, you should send your bag to a specialized repair shop.

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