How to coordinate your handbag with your clothes.

How to coordinate your handbag with your clothes.
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Many women want to match their clothes with the handbag, as the handbag is an accessory that adorns the clothes and makes your appearance look elegant and attractive. Here are the colours of the bags and clothes that go with each other:

• Black and white clothes:

When wearing black or white clothes, you can carry a patterned bag, and it must share a mixture of colours with the clothes, for example, if you wear a black dress and black high-heeled shoes, the wallet should be embossed with tiger and zebra skin, and you can also carry a handbag Red or pink.

• Brown, cream and navy coloured clothes:

If you wear brown and blue clothes, it is recommended to use a purple or green wallet, and you can also carry a navy and blue striped wallet together.
• Pastel-coloured clothes:
Pastel colours are suitable for summer, as they are like light blue, pink and lemon green, they are colours that make you look more feminine, and you can carry a handbag in dark grey, white, and when wearing pink pants, and a green blouse, the handbag should be a silver colour of metal to balance with pastel colours It gives an attractive appearance.

Things to consider when choosing a handbag.

There are several things to consider when choosing your bag, including the following:

Clothing colour style:

It is important that your bag matches the style of the clothes you wear. For example, if you wear plaid clothes, your bag should be plain to give a beautiful appearance, and vice versa, if you wear plain clothes that do not have any patterns, you can carry a plaid bag.
• Formal or informal attire:
Large bags are suitable for casual or casual clothes, and the facts are small in size, which are suitable for formal clothes, so you have to determine the type of clothes before choosing the bag.

• Place:

When choosing the type of bag or clothing, you must specify the place you will go to so that you can identify the bag, and also the clothes.

With these steps, you will be able to choose your clothes carefully and make them coordinate with your handbag to appear attractive and elegant.

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