How to properly store your handbags!!

How to properly store your handbags!!
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Many of us make an important mistake while storing bags, which is placing them as they are. What many do not know is that this may expose them to damage despite not wearing them, so we have collected for you the most important tips and correct ways to store handbags in a way that preserves them.

Here are the most important tips and methods…

In the beginning, you should always clean the bag before storing it or placing it on the shelf, and you can use a leather cleaner to do this or at least use a clean cloth and water and then let the bag dry.

Secondly, you must maintain the shape of your bag during storage, by placing a shaping tool at the base of the bag to prevent it from sagging. You can also use something to fill the bag, and a small pillow is the best choice for that.

Third, use a bag to put the bag inside to protect it from dust, dirt and light, and this will also protect it from mold formation.

Fourth, you have to leave a distance between the bag and the other during storage, because if this does not happen, the bags may be exposed to damage to the material and the colours can move from one bag to another, and the dividers of the shelves are a useful idea in the event that you store the bags on the shelves.

Fifthly, if you do not want to use the bags to cover the bags, you can put them in mesh or transparent boxes.

Sixth, you must make sure that the bags are at least 6 to 7 inches away from any lamp so that the bags are not exposed to corrosion or cracks.

Seventh, install a hook next to the wardrobe or the door to hang your bag that we use permanently so that it is not exposed to bad temporary storage that can damage it.

Eighth, arrange the bags according to your use from least to most so as not to make a mess in your closet while extracting one of the bags.

Ninth, the bags should be stored in a cool, dark place and not exposed to sunlight so that the bags do not erode or crack.

Finally, you cannot store wet or damp bags but rather let them dry in the open air and in a cool place.

Follow the tips and storage methods mentioned above to get good storage of the bags so that you keep them, and remember to empty the bags from your things before any storage.

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