How to reshape the handbag to make it new again!

How to reshape the handbag to make it new again!
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Every woman owns at least one handbag, and what many do not know is that a woman’s bag is like her little child that she always takes care of, but this does not prevent that leather bags are always exposed to pricks or scratches as a result of putting a lot of things in them, most of which are sharp like keys and a nail file. and others…

So with the extra pressure on your bag by putting a lot of things in it, you will find that the leather is starting to lose its lustre and firmness and your bag will need some repairs to make it look like new again, so we will gladly help with that.

First you need to bring some tools:

Old newspapers.
Removable marker pen.
Hard plastic cover.
sharp scissors;
Cardboard paper clip.

The steps you will follow:

1. The first of these steps comes with measuring the bottom of the bag using the ruler, then measure the same measurements on the hard plastic cover using the removable marker.
2. In this step, you will cut the shape that you selected on the plastic cover, and you have to try to be careful because cutting the plastic is difficult, after that you have to cut the edges and round the corners correctly.
3. Since you will be using the plastic cover as the base of the bag, you must make sure that it is completely clean so wash or remove all the lines and marks you drew on it.

4. This step is optional and you will be cutting the cardboard if you do not have the plastic paper.
5. If you do not like the transparent plastic or cardboard shape, you can put a piece of cloth, but this piece will not allow you to see things under it, but you can also remove it from time to time.
6. Now insert the plastic or cardboard piece into the floor of the bag and make sure the size is suitable for the bag so as not to get a strange bag shape.
7. You should not leave your bag wrinkle at the bottom of your wardrobe, or even leave it deflated on the sofa, this will all make the leather crack, so you should stuff it with old newspapers and try to put it straight for as long as possible, and you can also replace newsprint with any paper you have and then cover it with a bag To prevent dust from reaching it.
8. Hang the bag after filling, whether using its handles or using clothes hangers. All you have to do is choose a method of placing the bag in which it is not exposed to bending or folding.

Most of the bags come at a fairly high price, so you should always maintain them and make sure to invest them for several years, for this very reason you should follow the steps above, as they are very good to extend the life of your handbag.

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