How to spot fake bags

How to spot fake bags
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There are many fake bags scattered in the market that are sold for the same price as the original bags despite their simple cost, and this trick has fooled many people, so everyone wants to know how to spot fake bags so that they do not fall into the trap again.

How to spot fake bags

You can identify counterfeit bags by first checking their quality, by following these steps:

● Embroidery check.

To know the fake bag from the original, you have to check its embroidery to see its quality, as this stitching indicates the quality of the product, and whether it is original or fake, as this bad embroidery affects the reputation of the designer, so you have to look for any poor design in the bag.

● Examination of the lining and skin.

The bags made of leather are a little heavy in weight, while the fake bags are light in weight, as well as the original ones are lined with leather, so you can discover by checking the lining if it is from the fabric, it is fake.

● Check the quality of the cloud.

Many of the original handbags have the manufacturer’s logo on the zipper, the zipper is heavy, and the quality is high, and the fake bags are heavy in movement and do not work well.

● Check trademarks and serial numbers

It is normal for any genuine bag to have trademarks, serial numbers and they are written with a thread in the leather, and most international brand bag manufacturers mark their bags with genuine stickers on the inside, while designers of fake bags have original stickers but the text size and font are different from the original .

● Make sure the metal is compatible in all parts of the bag.

The original bags have all the accessories and metals in them compatible with each other, while the fake ones contain different metals, and there are also some plastic things and you can detect them through their low temperature, as the metal heats up in hot areas unlike plastic.

● Compare the original photos and the bag online.

International and original brand companies publish the pictures of handbags online, you can compare the pictures with your bag to see if it is fake or original, because if it is fake it will match the pictures.
Steps to buy an original bag
After knowing how to spot fake bags, you have to learn the steps to buy an original bag, which are as follows:

● Go to the store for the original brands.

You have to make sure of the store you go to, that it is famous for selling original brand bags as you will find many original bags, and you don’t need to find out that they are fake or not because the store is fake.

● Avoid buying from street vendors.

You should not buy your bag from street vendors because the bags they have are fake, as the original stores do not promote their goods but everyone comes to them from everywhere, also beware of buying online.

● You must ensure that the price of the bag is realistic.

Do not rely on the price to determine the quality of the bag, as the bags that are overpriced are fake, so you should buy the bags with realistic prices and spread among everyone.

● Return the fake bag.

If you happen to sell a fake bag in some circumstances, you have to return it through the seller or through the website from which you purchased the bag and get a full refund.

In conclusion, we have learned how to spot fake handbags through some counterfeit steps, so do not hesitate to try it when buying bags in order not to be deceived and waste your money on bags.

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