Learn how to clean patent leather wallets using household items..

Learn how to clean patent leather wallets using household items..
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With the passage of time and frequent use, leather wallets lose their luster and look somewhat old, so we provided you with an easy and home way to return the wallet like new again.

Things you’ll need to make your patent leather wallet new again:

liquid detergent.
Mineral oils.
Acetone-free paint remover.
glass cleaner.
Petroleum gel.
Follow the steps below to clean your patent leather wallet…

1.First of all

clean the wallet using a mixture of warm water and liquid soap, by placing the mixture on the leather wallet, then using a clean cloth and doing a light scrub.

2. If there are pen marks

remove them with rubbing alcohol by rubbing the marks with a fibber cloth, then let them dry and wipe them again with a clean cloth.

3. In this step

you will use vinegar and water to restore the lustre of the patent leather wallet, by mixing one or two tablespoons of white vinegar in half a cup of water, rubbing the wallet and then using a damp cloth to clean it of vinegar.

4. In this step

you will use nail polish remover to get rid of the black spots, by gently patting the target area to remove the black mark, then using a cloth dampened with cold water to remove the remnants of the polish and then letting the wallet dry for a whole day.

5. Use a mixture of water and liquid

detergent to remove surface dirt from the patent leather wallet, by placing two tablespoons of detergent on a cup of cold water, then placing a cloth inside the cup and after use, let the wallet dry.

6. For added shine

spray the wallet with glass polisher, rub gently, then leave in a well-ventilated place for 30 minutes.

7. Wet the wallet with your oil

or hand lotion by placing a small piece of the product on a piece of cloth and then polishing the wallet with it.

Some other tips:

Use wet wipes to wipe the wallet on a daily basis to keep it clean.
Keep the wallet away from the coloured plastic or cotton bags if you store them to prevent dye transfer to them.
Do not use heat to dry the leather wallet.
Stuff the bag with paper when storing to prevent wrinkling.

If you follow the steps and tips mentioned above, we guarantee that you will get a leather wallet that always looks like new even after some time from using it and cleaning it.

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