Learn the correct way to repair your bag made of crocodile leather.

Learn the correct way to repair your bag made of crocodile leather.
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The crocodile leather bag is charming and strange at the same time, so in order to be repaired, it must be done carefully to ensure the longevity of the bag and not damage it more indirectly, that’s why we decided to help you do the job right.

You will need a few things to repair your crocodile leather bag.

Microfiber cloth.
White cloth.
Neutral leather polish.
desalting liquid.
Snake skin moisturizer.
Waterproof spray.

The first step:

At first put your fingers on the leather of the bag to see the direction of the natural leather, then put the tip of the cloth in cold water and wipe with the direction of the leather to remove dirt, and soap cannot be used because it may interact with the leather and cause a change in its color.

Step 2:

Put the leather moisturizer on the cloth and wet the bag with it in the same direction as the leather.

Step 2:

If there is a salt stain on the bag, apply the sweetener to the cloth and gently pat the stain, then let the bag air dry, after that use the snakeskin softener.

Step 4:

For the handles of the bag, use a neutral polish to get rid of the dull leather on them, and you should avoid using wax polishes because they are too heavy for this type of leather.

Finally, before wearing the bag, apply a light layer of waterproof spray to protect the bag from rain water or even dirt or any water marks, and you must moisten the bag at least every three months, and if you store it, make sure that the place is cool and the bag is Covered with a bag and away from lighting any lamps.

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