Nine tips to distinguish between genuine and fake Fendi bags

Nine tips to distinguish between genuine and fake Fendi bags
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The global Fendi brand is considered one of the most counterfeited brands, and counterfeiters have excelled at it a lot, but despite that, they miss a lot of the distinctive things of authentic Fendi handbags and wallets, so we have collected for you nine ways to differentiate between genuine Fendi bags and fake ones.

Look for the following features to discover the bag…

1. By searching for hologram stickers:

Six years ago Fendi would put coded hologram stickers inside the bag and on a canvas tag. These stickers can only be seen with a special magnifying device, so if your bag has been around since then, look for the sticker.

2. By checking the label:

you should check the writing inside the bag, if you find some words written incorrectly, this is definitely a fake Fendi bag.

3. By checking the type of leather:

The Fendi brand relies almost entirely on craftsmanship with the use of goatskin, lambskin and calf leather as good types of leather, so by touching the bag you will know whether it is genuine leather or a fake plastic leather made of synthetic materials .

4. Via the edges of the bag:

Rough edges, bad seams and loose threads are clear evidence that this is a fake Fendi bag, because the original Fendi bag has smooth and even edges.

5. By the way of packaging:

The counterfeiters do not care much about the way the bag is packaged because it is in any case a fake bag, unlike the luxury retailers who always strive to show their products in the best way.

6. By verifying the serial number and authenticity of the Fendi card:

Fendi bags and wallets are sold with an ID card showing that the bag has passed Fendi quality standards, and the bag is also sold with a serial number of 15 to 17 digits, so in the original bag the serial number will match the leather tag It is located in the inner pocket of the original Fendi product.

7. By inspecting the parts of the wallet and the zippers:

The locks of the bag should turn easily in the original bag, and all the metal parts are made of nickel or brass plating, in addition, all the zippers on the outside of the handbag are YKK metal zippers and not Plastic as you’ll find in the fake bag.

8. By the lining of the bag:

If you find any wrinkles in the inner fabric of the bag, this is undoubtedly a fake Fendi bag, and the lining should be smooth.

9. By means of the letter F:

the two sides of the logo must be identical, but if this does not happen or the letter F is crooked; This is a fake bag.

In the end, if you are going to buy a very expensive Fendi bag, you have to make sure that it is genuine, of course, you do not want to spend all that money on a fake bag.

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