The best brands of orange handbags.

The best brands of orange handbags.
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Most women prefer to own black bags because of the versatility with which they use black bags in their daily lives, but when acquiring black bags, the woman is deprived of trying other colors because she is in love with the black color in bags, and women must change colors and try to acquire a bag in another color, especially the color Orange and that will change your general appearance, making the lady who owns the orange bag feel distinguished and proud.

Top Five Orange Bags:

Primo ascchi Italian handbag.

It is a distinctive bag for daily use and to carry handmade things. It is an Italian brand characterized by the bowling orange color, including handbags, including backpacks, and made of Italian leather, exquisite, and decorated, handmade, made in Florence, differing between consistency and contrast, but it is characterized by flexibility, as it It is distinguished by its depth, width, and height of 31 cm, 24 cm, 12 cm, and the diameter of the bag from hand to bag is estimated at 12 cm. Leather, the lining also has a decorative pocket and a zipper The lining color is different from the bag, made with protective storage bags from primo sacchi not offered to sellers, the primo sacchi bag is designed with the country logo, making it suitable for travel.

Bag shape:

When the bag is opened, the bag is divided into two halves and is distinguished by a compressed pocket in the front of the bag and another in the back. The bag is supported by strong and soft handles, and straps. These supports are found in bags, whether shoulder or back. The bag has two sizes, medium and large, and there are other colors for the bag such as purple, yellow, blue, and pink. , and red.

Bag Features:

Available in two sizes, medium and large, and it is available in more than one color, as it is distinguished by its sophisticated shape and the presence of pockets and supports.

Fashion PU L Leather 2 way Flap Clutch Handbag.

If you want to show off and flaunt a handbag, all you have to do is get the Clutch leather handbag from Bo Fashion Way. This bag is distinguished by its neon orange color, which will make you the center of attention and draw everyone’s attention to you, madam. Which guarantees you that it will stay with you for life is also distinguished by its golden chain attached to the bag and belts, also distinguished by its magnetic handle, and it has three zip pockets, two slip pockets and 3 slots for placing cards.

Bag features:

Its beautiful appearance, in addition to the durability of the leather made of it, as well as the multiplicity of pockets, and belts in it.

Disadvantages of this bag:

Small in size, they are not available in large sizes.

Ballbuster Croc leather shoulder Bag bay Eide Parker.

If you want to have a compact and radiant bag, you should have this bag, because its small size makes you rely on it in times when you want to carry a few things. It has an external slip pocket for more of your needs, which is embossed leather with crocodile skin, and it has durable shoulder straps and a cover to close it tightly and is divided from the inside to accommodate your needs.

Bag Features:

Made of high-quality, durable Italian leather, they’re small in size and orange in color, and you can count on them for your everyday essentials.

Moschino Orange Logo PVC Shulder Bag.

It is a modern and distinctive gift bag characterized by its removable strap and top handle, clip closure, and zip pockets.

Nancy Conzelez Python Lily Top-Handle Bag.

Handcrafted, covered with python leather, and featuring a simple design that gives it elegance in appearance, as it has a detachable strap, and a fixed top handle, this bag is a suitable choice for all occasions.

Features of this bag:

Made of genuine python leather, it has a magnetic buckle, and it is handmade in Colombia, in addition to the split interior.

Orange bags are among the distinctive bags. The orange color does not underestimate the value of the bag. No one can buy it, but someone who knows its value.

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