The best designer bags that are worth the money

The best designer bags that are worth the money.
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Designer bags are considered one of the best bags that money can be spent on, and they are of many types and different materials and designs and are available in all countries of the world either through retail stores or by buying them online.
And because all that variety will confuse you, we’ve rounded up, after a painstaking search, the six best designer bags that are worth the money.

1. Fendi leather baguette.

This luxurious under-arm bag is available in several colors that resemble the style of the seventies of the last century, and it comes with some gold-tone hardware that gives it lustre on the upper part, in addition to that, it goes with dark sweaters and other basic clothes.

2. Givenchy Antigoya Leather Medium Handbag.

This bag comes with a fabric lining and a trapezoid shape and is very suitable for everyday use, as it is very large on the inside that it can even hold your laptop, and it is easy to clean due to the fact that it is made of calfskin leather.

3. Burberry TB leather shoulder bag.

Made of a mixture of fabric and calf leather, this bag is elegant and suitable for you if you are looking for a modern handbag, as it adds brightness to your overall look, whatever the season, and is very suitable for wearing with huge woollen jackets and skirts made of suede, and because it is a classic Fashionable and you can wear it at all times.

4. Bag by Bottega Veneta.

in this bag; The glossy soft leather combines with the smooth leather upper, and it’s simple and elegant to the point that it doesn’t even have the brand’s logo on the front.

5. Stella McCartney Falabella reversible faux leather bag.

Having this bag is like getting two bags, it is characterized by neutral colors and a sporty shape and can be worn with dresses as well, and it is suitable if you are looking for difference, elegance and distinction.

6. Gucci Dionysus Supreme Shoulder Bag.

Crafted from stitched canvas and suede leather, this highly durable and versatile bag comes with a chain strap and the iconic brand’s logo on the front. Featuring a simple overall look, hand-painted edges and elegant silver metallics, Gucci is one of the most trusted brands out there. its quality.

Here are the most important tips that you should follow when buying a designer handbag…

• The weight of the bag: it must be taken into account, as you will feel very heavy on your shoulder or hand if the weight of the bag while it is empty is heavy, this will cause you inconvenience even with only your necessary things.

• Spacious: The size of the inside of the bag is very essential. Of course, you do not want to put your things in a bag that you will not be able to put all your essentials in.

• PERFECT FOR YOUR NEEDS: This point is similar and opposite to the previous one at the same time, similar in that a travel or work bag is large, and different in that a party bag is small and light.

In the end, you have to take into account that designer bags are not cheap, so be wise in your choice and do not buy what is common, but what is suitable for you and your closet.

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