The best designer leather bags.

The best designer leather bags.
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Leather has always been the most durable material ever in making bags, so leather bags are the best seller among all the different bags of wool, cotton and others.
And because the leather is the most durable, the life of the leather bags is the longest, and the leather is the easiest to clean and remove difficult stains, and it is the easiest to store, as you will not need a lot of paper to fill the bag, unlike fabrics.

Here are the best designer leather bags.

1. Burberry TB bag in black.

Designed using soft black calf leather, this bag is a wonderful and elegant option, especially with the presence of the initials of Thomas Burberry.
The bag also comes with polished gold straps, and inside it has a main zip pocket with three spaced compartments, the bag can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

2. LOEWE Embossed Leather Bag.

The bag is characterized by a typical design that does not resemble those typical bags, and it comes in the form of braided leather in the form of a unique basket of palm leaves, and it has a small design with adjustable handles.
As for the front part, it is brown in color and bears the brand’s logo, and this bag is ideal for summer, and it is Spanish-made and suitable for shopping and hiking.

3. Senerve maestra.

Can be worn as a shoulder bag, backpack, or carried as a purse, this bag is designed in an elegant black color and has eight internal compartments that can be used to store items.
This pebbled bag has an adjustable backpack strap, is available in many colors and is made in Italy.

4. Saint Laurent Uptown.

It’s a black embossed leather bag in the shape of crocodile skin, and it has zipped pockets to put keys, money, cards and napkins, and it has a magnetic buckle for added security, and it comes with a dust bag.
What do you need to consider when buying a leather bag?
• It is easy to be deceived and buy a bag with fake leather, so be sure to ensure the authenticity of the bag by pressing on the leather; If it is wrinkled, it is genuine leather, but if it retains its firmness, it is fake leather.
• Check the bag’s price tag, leather bags are often expensive and come with a lifetime warranty.

You can take advantage of the collection of bags that they provided to you, or go to the sites of international designers and choose one of the bags that are trusted in the quality of their natural leather.

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