The best eight wallets from Saint Laurent.

The best eight wallets from Saint Laurent.
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Saint Laurent is considered one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, and it was founded nearly 60 years ago to become one of the forces that influence fashion all over the world.

And now, here are the eight best wallets from Saint Laurent.

1. Vicki Matilasih bag.

This bag is characterized by a wonderful velvet colour, in addition to the sparkling metallic cat on its leather, and it is also available in several different colours, and the burgundy is the most common of them.
The bag has a large compartment as well as a slot inside and outside the bag, and its strap is an adjustable chain, and although it is made of Elvis, it is completely reliable.

2. Teddy Bucket.

This bag comes with a sophisticated and easy-to-use thin chain that gives it a wonderful classic look. It has embossed stones on the front in addition to a drawstring. It is designed for the fall season and there are several colours.

3. Kate Chin wallet.

This wallet is the most popular of Saint Laurent’s collection, and is designed with a classic sophisticated detachable strap, in addition to the metal chain tassel at the front.
Inside the bag, there are six card slots, a coin pocket and a metal button closure, and it is of a small size so that women prefer to wear it in the evening.

4. Quilted leather loulou bag.

This bag is uniquely designed, it is characterized by a structured shape on the front with the presence of the elegant nickel YSL logo that gives a simple and exquisite shape, as for the leather of the bag is made of 100% calfskin, which makes it durable and long life.
All this, in addition to the easy closure, adjustable strap and comfortable top handle, its only drawback is that it is not suitable for formal occasions.

5. Niki crinkled leather.

This bag is available in several wonderful colours, the most famous of which is the red colour, which achieves the highest sales of the bag, and it is made of completely calf leather with silver-coloured metal parts in it.
As for the lock, it is magnetic and can secure all the supplies, in addition to the belt that can be shortened and lengthened according to your desire, but its only drawback is the possibility of dust collecting in the wrinkled leather.

6. Sac de jour.

This bag was designed by the brand hedi slimane about eight years ago and has become very distinctive and popular, and the classic shape and new colours are its biggest features.
The bag also features extendable sides, and with many compartments, it has a huge storage space.

7. A sunset bag.

This bag is characterized by a compact and elegant design on the outside, as for the inside, it is divided into two parts, and as for the leather, it is shiny and has an ornate letter adorning the fronts.

8. Lou camera bag.

This classic bag features a quilted compact style, and is re-imagined every season with new textures and colours, and as for the way it closes, it is designed with a zipper and has an embossed panel from Saint Laurent that has a wonderful bronze colour.

In the end, there is no difference in the quality and elegance of Saint Laurent designs, so hurry up and get one of these pieces of art.

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