The best four bags designed to carry pets.

The best four bags designed to carry pets.
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Many of us, if not all of us, have pets, some consider them to be a constant companion inside the house, and this also prompts us to want to take our pet everywhere with us outside as well.
The first solution for this was to tie the animal with a chain, but this does not seem merciful to all animals, especially if they are small and thin, so the designers turned to designing elegant and at the same time suitable bags for carrying your pet with you everywhere without the need for an animal box or without the need to tie it with a chain And maybe hurt her.

Now you just have to choose one of those wonderful bags designed for pets.

1. WOpet pet carrier.

This bag is designed from leather and is large in size, made of washable and easy-to-clean materials, and comes with a shoulder strap so that you can treat it as one of your handbags or remove the strap and carry it with the handles.
The bag also comes with a top zip that you can put back and watch your pet from the board, and this bag is ideal for large animals and outdoor walks.

2. MG collection black/grey.

Classically crafted in a two-tone quilted look, this bag features a plastic mesh top flap along with eight grommet-reinforced ventilation slots that you can cover with fabric for added privacy for your pet or leave it as is for ventilation.
As for the outer material, it is soft and easy to clean, and it has two parallel pulls on the mesh top tongue, and the benefit of this is the ease and speed of placing the pet. The bag also comes with our two durable top handles and large secured pockets on both sides of the bag to keep food and more, all this in addition to the presence of a key chain.

3. WOpet Deluxe pet carrier.

When you put your pet in this bag; This will enable him to see people outside, but the opposite will not happen, this will make your pet feel special, besides that the materials used are washable, breathable, lightweight and soft.
The bag is made of comfortable PU leather with mesh designs on both sides, making the bag perfectly designed.

4. WOpet dog carrier.

The leather of this bag can not deform or fade, due to its PU leather construction and breathable design, it is also washable and comes with a removable panel at the bottom that makes it easy to clean.
The bag also comes with an inner loop that can be attached to the dog to stay in place, and can carry pets up to 14 pounds.

In the end, when you buy a pet bag, make sure that it has straps for carrying on the shoulder or by hand, and the material made of it must be washable and clean, in addition to that the size of the bag must be suitable for your pet.

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