The best four designer bags for men.

The best four designer bags for men.
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Nowadays, bags are not only associated with women, men also often cannot leave the house without their own belongings just like all women.
Men love to bring along their phones, keys, credit cards, deodorant, power banks, chargers, and maybe some papers, so we won’t be exaggerating when we tell you that bags are just as important for men as they are for women.

Here are the four best designer bags for men.

1. Ted baker machu cross grain satchel.

This bag features sharp edges with two straps fixed with stainless steel buckles and hanging on the sides, and the addition of the buckle is a clever thing that adds elegance, and it is made of grey cowhide leather with a logo on the front.
Its only drawback is that it does not come with a zipper, but it does have large compartments divided from the inside and its straps are sturdy and its lining is reinforced.

2. Herschel Gibson Messenger.

Similar to a file bag, this bag has a black and white striped lining, can be carried over the shoulder and is organized on the inside with several compartments and large expandable front pockets.
This is in addition to the fleece-lined laptop sleeve, which is the most popular and widespread among men in the recent period.

3. Tumi Alpha Slim Deluxe.

Designed from premium ballistic nylon, it provides maximum comfort, whether in travel or work, and has a long strap up to 23 inches, in addition to the presence of U-zip pockets that provide you with plenty of space, as well as a back pocket and open pockets.
Inside, there is a phone pocket and another padded computer pocket with some zip pockets and a front zippered pocket. The bag also comes with an extra cover and its only drawback is the lack of protection for the base.

4. Filsin messenger bag.

Contemporary, masculine and elegant, this bag is crafted from brushed leather and woven fabric that are a cool contrast, and offers you plenty of space with reinforced handles, dual side pockets, two full width pockets and a removable cross-strap.
The bag comes with a waterproof cover for protection, and its only drawback is its classic design, which may not suit some fashion seekers.

So, men’s bags are available in different colours and brands as we saw above, there is no doubt that this bag has become more than just an accessory for fashion models, bloggers and others, so if you do not have one yet, hurry up to buy to collect all your things by your side.

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