The best small bags you can buy.

The best small bags you can buy.
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Some of us prefer small bags and others prefer large bags, and this varies according to the place you will go to with that bag. Small bags are very comfortable and have an attractive and elegant appearance. They are suitable for night evenings, gatherings, going to the club or restaurant with friends and also for going out to romantic dates; As its attractive and elegant design is easy to carry in the hand or on the shoulder, and there is no doubt that we all need those small bags today, so many high-end designers have taken care of designing these small bags with a specific design that suits all tastes. Here is a list of some distinctive small bags.

1. Tory Burch Small Cross body Bag.

This bag is distinguished by its soft, studded texture, and its outer colour is the same as its inner colour. It also contains detachable, adjustable and adjustable straps that allow you to carry the bag in different shapes. Its small size and distinctive colours allow you to use it on many occasions, for example, especially jeans. narrowness.

2. Valentino Cross body Bag.

This bag shines with its attractive appearance, golden colour and high quality. It can be worn on all classic and non-classical clothes. It will be great on dresses for its small size and the presence of a wide handle that allows you to wear it in two ways, either as a cross body or on your hand, and it has a gold-coloured metal chain also the same colour as the bag.

3. Burberry Haymarket Panels Blaze Mini Cross body Bag.

Burberry Haymarket Panels Blaze is made in Italy and is characterized by its square design and the presence of a long interchangeable shoulder strap and it has an internal pocket closed with a zipper. The bag also comes with a security card, which increases the protection of the bag because it is closed with a zip and also comes with a dust bag. The perfect bag for parties and an evening with friends, but its small size may not enable you to carry some large phones.

4. Prada Women’s Petal Pink Saffiano handbag.

A wonderful bag with an attractive design in pink colour, equipped with a silver-coloured metal piece, tightly closed, and equipped with a key to open the bag for more security, so stealing and opening it becomes a very difficult thing, and this bag becomes the most secure bag for you, especially when shopping, it has one zippered pocket and the inside is made of fabric Upscale pink jacquard.

5. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Bag.

The international designer Michael Kors bag is designed in a light and glossy grey colour with a tightly closed zip pocket and two open pockets, its grey colour is very distinctive with the addition of simple touches of white colour, so the bag becomes eye-catching, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is its reasonable price and it has an adjustable strap It’s really a great bag in terms of looks, quality and price.

6. Kate Spade New York bag.

Its bold red colour and attractive design makes it one of the best bags in the fashion world and makes a lot of demand for it, although the bag is small in size but large enough to carry your phone and all your cards, and the bag is also sealed to protect your personal needs and credit cards, featuring a leather strap It is detachable and has a chain that can be used or left inside the bag and using the handle. A very distinctive bag in its colour, flexibility, and carrying in many different forms, in addition to its appropriate size.

Small bags look distinctive and suit many women for their ease of carrying and for carrying only personal items, phones and credit cards, as well as for their flexibility and carrying them in more than one way. It can only hold your cell phone and some small items, but its features make it the best choice for you for a quick date or an evening.

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