The best time to buy designer handbags.

The best time to buy designer handbags.
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We have all been exposed to this situation. What is the shortage in front of a store for famous designer bags such as Gucci and Michael Cross, and the desire to buy a bag and two of those bags increases inside us, but we cannot do that because its price is more than our monthly income, there are times of the year when bag buying experts advise buying bags in That period is due to its low price to become reasonable, so we will inform you of the best times to buy designer bags.

The best time to buy designer facts is from May to July and from November to New Year’s; This is because there are a lot of offers and discounts in all stores because this time is the festive season.

Summer and winter discounts.

Discounts increase in July in Wadi Simbel, due to the huge number of tourists in the country; Because of the school holidays and the lack of schools for children, as well as vacations for teachers and some other people, the demand for shops and shopping increases at that time, so shops offer great discounts of more than 50%.
Therefore, the topic has some negatives, and some of those negatives are the difficulty of finding the colour you want or the design you want, due to the crowding of people and the large number of purchases and demand at the time of sale, which reduces the chance of having the colour or type of bag you want.

Opening a new branch for some well-known brands.

When opening a new branch for some famous brands or opening a new brand and opening a new outlet to sell those bags, they offer these bags at a very big discount in the first days of their opening.

Launching a new design.

Most of the brands offer new designs during the year, and when a new design is announced and presented, they offer great offers and discounts on old products because they want to sell them and provide more space to display the new products that have been launched.

Buy more than one piece.

When you buy to friends and family, or you and a group buy a specific product, this makes you get a discount on every item, especially if you are in a special time like New Year, so buying a designer handbag is not at a great price and the prices are affordable and a great opportunity if you want to buy a gift to One of your friends or family.

There are some golden tips through which you will know how to get a handbag at a low price that is affordable for everyone.

1. Buying a used bag:

Some people have original designer bags, but they are used in good condition and they want to sell them after a while, and this opportunity is a great opportunity to buy that bag at a great price and get an original bag at an excellent price.

2. Buying the bag from the original online store of the brand:

When you buy the handbag from stores near you or order it online, customs duties and import taxes are added to the price of the original bag, so it becomes expensive, and the best solution is to order the bag from the original online store of the brand in Be in the United States or some other European country.

3. Choosing the right offers for you online.

Some stores offer great offers and discounts to subscribers in their applications through some advertisements in order to form a customer base by downloading the application of the brand. Apply and take advantage of any new offers.

4. Choosing a unique bag colour that not many people ask for.

Some colours such as black, red and beige are popular in demand among people, and these colours run out from stores in a short time, to increase the demand for them, but some other colours, such as yellow and green, are not requested by many people, which increases the chance of having discounts on those colours to facilitate the process of selling them.

Owning a designer bag is a wonderful thing, but definitely the coolest thing is owning it at a reasonable price, so follow the tips in the article and you will get a wonderful designer handbag.

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