The best way to clean and polish old handbags.

The best way to clean and polish old handbags.
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Everyone knows that some old designs sometimes come back to the top of the fashion world. The bag comes back again and regains its lustre again so that you can use it however you want.

Here’s the tried-and-true method recommended by cleaning experts to clean and polish your old wallet.
All you need is some stuff like:

1) corn starch
2) A flashlight or a small lamp
3) A piece of cotton cloth
4) Polishing cream
5) Soft cream coating
6) Wax polish
7) some warm water
8) Nylon brush
9) Suede small brush
10) Suede eraser
11) Skin Moisturizer

We will now show you some simple steps that if you follow them, you will get the impressive result you want…

• First wipe the bag with some tissues and then add the corn-starch to remove any oil stains from the bag and then put a lamp or a small torch that adds some heat over the corn-starch to help absorb the corn-starch.

Leave the corn-starch for about ten minutes to make sure it absorbs all the oil stains, then get a clean white cloth and wipe the remaining powder on the bag.
• Second, add a serious cream and rub the area to be cleaned with a white cotton cloth and then add a soft cream polish to polish it. You can also use a wax polish to get a gloss easily, but it may be a bit heavy.
• Third, use a nylon brush or a brush made of suede to clean your leather bag by gently rubbing the surface of the bag with the brush.
If there are any marks on your light-coloured bag, use a suede eraser to remove those black marks.
. Fourth, use a cotton swab moistened with warm water to remove any remaining dirt by wiping the bag gently and then putting some soft cream paint on a cotton cloth and wiping the bag with it in circular motions very gently.
• Finally, if the bag is made of crocodile or snake skins, a leather cleaner and moisturizer should be used and some drops of moisturizer should be sprayed on a piece of cloth or fine fibbers so as not to damage the antique wallet.

These were the best ways to clean and polish old handbags in a professional way. To get the best results, you must follow these steps, and you should also clean your handbag at least annually to maintain its lustre and shine.

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