The correct way to measure your handbag in terms of width and length.

The correct way to measure your handbag in terms of width and length.
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The shape of our current world is different from the shape of the world fifty years ago. In our current world, many things have changed, such as how to buy, how to shop and how to pay your bills. It became easy for you to accomplish all these tasks with just one click, but there are some problems that you will face, for example in shopping Through the Internet or what is called online, you can choose a handbag based on certain specifications and receive a bag other than the one you chose. In this article, we will explain to you how to choose the handbag in terms of the size and length you want and the correct way to measure the handbag you want; In order not to be mistaken in choosing your handbag.

Handbags vary in size, as they have different sizes, including:

1. Small bag: enough to hold only your mobile phone, some credit cards and your cards, as well as small cosmetics such as rouge; This is because its width is approximately 6 to 12 inches.

2. Medium bag: It can carry more than a small bag, but not much, because its width ranges between 12 to 14 inches.

3. A large bag: If we compare the large bag with the small and medium bag, we will find that the large bag from the inside is more spacious than other bags, where you can carry many things in it such as a water bottle or your novel or your glasses and of course your mobile phone; This is because its width ranges from 14 to 16 inches.

4. A very large bag: This bag enables you to carry most of your personal items such as a water bottle, glasses, credit cards, as well as your book or novel, as well as your cosmetics. It can also hold your office or work papers; This is because its width is more than 16 inches.
The correct way to measure the handbag you want in terms of width, length and strap length.

• Measure the length of the bag.

The length measurement varies from one bag to another. If it is a square bag, the length is measured by determining the distance between the highest point of the bag to the lowest point in the bag, but if the bag does not have a specific base from the bottom, the length gas is calculated through three distinct points in the bag. They are the base of the bag, the middle of the bag, and the bottom of the bag.

• Measure the width of the bag.

Width is measured by the sides of the bag, the front and back side and the distance between them is calculated.

• Measure the length of the belt or strap of the handbag.

It is very important to measure the length of the belt or the drop of the strap for the bag to determine the shape of the bag you want. The measurement is done by knowing the dimensions of the bag by measuring the distance between the opening of the bag or the top of the bag and the highest point on the belt or tape, you cannot carry the bag on your shoulder if the distance is less If the distance ranges between 8 to 20 inches, you can carry it comfortably on the shoulder, and if the distance ranges between more than 20 inches, you can carry the bag in more than one way, such as Cross Beanie or on the shoulder or according to the method comfortable for you.

The size of the bag affects its appearance and each bag has a specific use and a specific place you go to carrying your handbag. For example, at work you can use a large bag because its width and length are large and therefore its capacity is large and it can carry all the symptoms of your personal items. As for your evening, you can choose a small elegant bag to put Only your phone and credit cards have it so you should compare bags with each other and choose the right one for you.

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