The five best transparent bags for stadiums.

The five best transparent bags for stadiums.
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Entry into the stadiums is only allowed with a transparent bag that shows what’s inside, this is what the American Football Association has decided, because the audience comes with hundreds and thousands of people who are difficult to search well.
But for some, especially women; Going out without a bag is almost impossible, as women like to keep some things with them, such as makeup tools and some money, so the designers created different designs for transparent stadium bags.

Here are the five best transparent bags for stadiums.

1. Haoguagua Heavy duty Clear.

This bag is made of vinyl with a thickness of five mm, which means that it is durable, and all the seams are reinforced with double stitches, which protects them from tearing. for removal.

2. F. Colour stadium.

This bag is suitable for both men and women, and it is black and made of PVC, as it is a transparent water-resistant plastic, and it also comes with two separate pockets suitable for daily needs, and its strap reaches up to 59 inches, which allows the bag to be a cross body.

3. Kelly wynne cross body bag.

This bag is suitable for work, parties, the beach, not just for going to football matches. It is a water-resistant plastic that can be cleaned easily, and it is available in two sizes and is made of PVC and leather.

4. Tory Burch bag.

The bottom of this bag features the ability to keep it straight on the floor, and it contains a zipped bag that can be removed and carried on your wrist, meaning that it is two bags in one, all in addition to a secure zip closure.

5. Eland Clear Tote Bag Stadium.

This bag comes with top handles, is made of durable vinyl plastic and is compact in size and has a strong zipper, the only drawback is that it has only one compartment and it may not fit many people.

Other advantages of transparent bags…

1. This bag gives security guards a clear view of what is in your bag without exposing you to searches, scattering your things and wasting your valuable time.

2. It can be used as a normal daily bag and a nose bag at the same time, without the need to only wear it while going to matches.

These bags save you from being disturbed on the field by the guards, and also give you a constant look at their contents so that you do not get robbed while you are in the midst of that large crowd in the stadium.

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