The most modern handbags provided by Coach.

The most modern handbags provided by Coach.
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The Coach brand is characterized by its perpetual modernity and keeping pace with fashion, and it has been made for it in many seasons of launching new collections of handbags.
This is what made Coach among the best international brands of bags, and it has a permanent advanced position in which it competes fiercely among the rest of the brands.

1. Coach Crossgrain Leather City Zip.

Designed to be spacious with a number of zippered compartments, the bag is made of durable and attractive coach cross-grain, and features a separate cell phone pocket, two open pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side of the bag.
You can carry this bag for students and workers, and it can hold a 13-inch laptop, in addition to that, it is lined with a fabric lining, and it comes with a long and comfortable handle, and it is available in different colours, including black, green, strawberry pink, and its price is approximately 150 dollars.

2. The Chelsea Jacquard Legacy Crossover.

Designed in water-resistant jacquard, pebbled leather, zip-top closure, fabric lining, and detachable strap, this bag is compact and spacious, with a drop handle, and costs about $100.

3. PVC women’s handbag.

Made of leather, the strap and edges of this bag have an 8.5-inch drop handle and are available in a beautiful combination of black and brown, and are priced at about $200.

4. Houston Air Bag.

This bag is wrapped in a soft fabric after being made of leather, and it consists of several compartments that contain zip pockets, in addition to slip pockets, a pocket for a cell phone and pockets for cards. It’s about 150 dollars.

5. LEXY Grain Leather Shoulder Bag.

The bag comes with a very spacious space with a number of zipped pockets. It is made of the finest pebbled leather. It also contains a cell phone pocket and a zip pocket in the middle, in addition to being lined with fabric to protect your valuables.

6. Lexi pebbled leather shoulder bag.

Some wonderful silver metal pieces have been added to this bag in addition to being made of pebbled leather, it is spacious and contains multi-function pockets, a cell phone pocket and a zip pocket, and is lined with fabric, and it comes with a soft leather handle to carry the bag, and it is available in a range of colours such as green And pink and blue, as for its price, it is about 300 dollars.

7. Cross Bell Chelsea from Coach.

Made of high-quality pebbled calf leather, this bag comes in only one size and in faded red and black colours. It is versatile and can be worn with or without hands. It has a phone pocket and comes with a top zip and fabric lining, and its price is about $200.

This collection that we have presented to you is the most modern handbag offered by Coach, and it retains its elegance no matter the time, so follow our guide to get your modern bag.

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