Three of the best backpacks for women.

Three of the best backpacks for women. "Learn how to wear them in more than one way too!!"
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Backpacks are the most comfortable types of women’s bags, and their types vary between backpacks for travel, university, hiking, or even if you are a mother and you have a small child to take care of, the backpack provides you with comfort.
This type of bag has become a favourite among business women as well in the recent period, so it is unimaginable that a woman’s wardrobe does not contain a backpack, so we have collected for you the three best designer backpacks.

1. Gucci GG Marmont Imitation Pearl Backpack.

In this bag, the jeans have been treated to turn it into an elegant piece through an elegant stitching pattern, a dial frame, a zipper opening and some exquisite pearls, in addition to the brand logo on the front that increases its elegance, and for the design of the bag it is graceful and fun at the same time.

2. Michael Kors Lily Nylon Medium Flap Backpack.

Designed with an eye-catching metallic buckle, this beautiful bag is a true fashion accessory, with a medium size and large interior, available in black, admiral, olive, pale blue and pink colours.
The bag has many pockets; They are one front slip pocket, one back zip pocket, one interior zip pocket, two slash pockets, one back pocket and four slip pockets, so it has great storage space with its strong polyester lining.

3. Fendi LOGO backpack.

This distinctive bag has been made of calf leather in red colour, which adds to it great luxury, and the Fendi logo appears in gold on the front of the bag.

What to consider when buying designer backpacks?

• All women resort to these bags when they are tired of heavy shoulder or handbag bags, so to make the most of the backpack; Make sure to buy a suitcase of an appropriate size so that it can carry all your belongings.

• Do not forget to make sure that the bag has adjustable straps, it is smart to get a product that takes into account your personality and height, and because pictures on the Internet often confuse the size, adjustable straps are the smartest choice.

• Leather in general and suede in particular is considered the best and most efficient material for formal backpacks, while jeans, canvas and nylon are suitable for an informal backpack.

How do you wear a backpack?

1. There is no rule that the backpack should be carried in the traditional way, but you can carry it as a shoulder bag as well or carry it as a handbag.

2. Put some trinkets and accessories and maybe a nice shaped keychain on the zipper of the bag, as this raises the shape of the bag to a very large degree.

3. Backpacks with multiple pockets are the most beautiful this year, so avoid bags without pockets, especially if you are going to wear them on informal occasions.

4. The design of the bag can appear more beautiful when coordinated well with clothes, for example, dresses will look better with small backpacks, while formal pants with a shirt need a medium-sized backpack.

Backpacks are now considered one of the staples of a contemporary woman’s wardrobe, you have a lot of great options to match with your clothes in more than one way suitable for every type of different clothes you have, so don’t hesitate to get one of those beautiful bags in our list above.

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