Top 11 bags and wallets from Balenciaga.

افضل 11 حقيبة ومحفظة من Balenciaga.
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When you search for a handbag, you want high quality, great shape and innovative design, this is what Balenciaga brand offers you with its futuristic approach.

Here are the top 11 bags and wallets from Balenciaga.

1. Shopper bag.

Whether you are heading to work, to a party, or to lunch, you can carry this bag, which is characterized by its wonderful neutral white colour. It is made of calf leather with a soft feel and light weight, and its only drawback is the possibility of soiling easily.

2. Balenciaga bazar shopper M.

This bag features a large compartment inside that can hold work files or a laptop; Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for working women, as it is suitable for short holidays, and its only drawback is that it is not suitable for going to formal occasions.

3. Balenciaga navy cabas.

This black coloured bag gives confidence to those who carry it. It is versatile and the capsule buttons can be used to change the shape and size of the bag.
The bag has top handles with an open lid and a compressed inner bag, and its drawback lies in the presence of one inner compartment that makes organizing things not easy.

4. Balenciaga BB Jacquard.

The brand’s logo is elegantly woven in jacquard on the front, and it is made of wonderful black leather that gives it a classic shape that adds sophistication to its appearance.
The bag comes with a durable and easy-to-use chain strap, as well as a squeezable front cover, but the bag must be well maintained to protect its leather from abrasion.

5. Balenciaga blackout city Nano.

This bag is considered one of the best Balenciaga bags with its classic elegant jet black leather, and its leather is characterized by high flexibility and practical colour that suits most of your wardrobe, in addition to the detachable and adjustable straps and handles sewn to the top of the bag for carrying.

6. Balenciaga classic metallic edge city tote.

This bag is comfortable to carry because it is made of soft calf leather, and it has a front zipped pocket, and it also features a metallic edge that makes it look great on both formal and informal occasions.
In addition to its professional look, the shoulder straps are detachable, and the top is secured with a two-way zip.

7. A blanket shoulder bag.

Designed with a logo printed on the front and diagonal stripes, this bag is a classic in shape and has a flexible shape that matches almost any outfit.

8. The Classic Balenciaga City Bag.

If you want to add some fun to your look, then this is the bag for that, as it features a forest green colour that is tilted to skyline, which coordinates with the golden front buttons on the bag.
As for the zipper, it is covered with fringes and contains a small detachable mirror.

9. Round metallic shoulder bag.

The leather of this bag has been embroidered with fabric, and its golden texture is characterized by simplicity with the presence of the brand’s letters embroidered on it as well.
If you wear jeans, wool, and streetwear, this bag is perfect for you as it is perfect for parties, but not so for formal occasions.

10. Large BB shoulder bag.

This bag has an elegant look and is for the best in updating the style of your clothes, due to the presence of a chain shoulder strap and a front cover that can be closed neatly, but it is not suitable for formal occasions due to its size.

11. Balenciaga metallic edge city.

Ideal for everyday use, this bag is designed with exquisite edges, bare textured leather and dual zipper closures, making it durable and long-lasting. It is ideal with all attire except formal ones.

It’s really a great brand with a great variety of bags and wallets, you can now follow our guide and share with us what you like most about Balenciaga bags and wallets.

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