Top 31 global brands to buy handbags.

Top 31 global brands to buy handbags.
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Top 31 global brands to buy handbags.

For lovers of fashion and elegance, choosing a special brand to pick out a particular bag is somewhat difficult, especially since there are hundreds of distinguished international brands that are really difficult to choose from, so we have collected for you the best 31 types of different brands to introduce you to the features of each one of them.

1. Hermes.

This French brand focuses on the latest in international fashion, and is mostly relied on leather to produce their handbags, so the bags look simple with many colours.

2. Chanel.

This high-end French brand is distinguished by the presence of handcraft in it, as it uses the finest materials ranging from sequins, feathers, goatskin leather, wool and others…

3.Louis Vuitton.

This brand is also French and is considered one of the most famous international brands, this brand is characterized by a large variety of shapes and colours, and they are all made of leather and bear the Louis V logo.

4. Dior.

This French brand is interested in luxury goods, and it focuses on different types of leather and fabric bags, in addition to their most modern style at all in terms of wallets, along with their large collection of handbags.

5. Gucci.

This Italian brand focuses on fashion, bags and luxury leather goods, and most of their bags are distinguished by the presence of gold-colored metal parts in them, and their pieces are distinguished by their logo that bears the letter G.

6. Off white.

This American brand focuses on ultra-modern design that includes vibrant designs, bright colours and their own logo, and their handbags target a specific type of love or hate.

7. Prada.

This Italian brand is specially designed for leather bags, most of their bags are made of leather and range from very simple designs to bags that cause a lot of controversy, and they also have a wide range of colours within their bags lines.

8. Balenciaga.

This Spanish brand relies on the high-end style of fashion and does not depend on others. As for the bags, most of them are characterized by simplicity in design and come in a limited set of colors, and of course you will find the letter B, which refers to their brand on the side of the leather bags.


This French brand offers luxury fashion, along with multiple styles of bags of various colours and materials. When you look at one of their bags, you will find the letter F, and this does not include bags only, but also elegant wallets.

10. Versace.

This Italian brand relies mainly on leather bags that differ in design and color, and when you examine these bags, you will find some very simple and others extremely vibrant, and of course many of their designs include a letter V in the middle of the handbag.

11. Burberry.

This Italian brand differs in everything it has, as it designed its own high-end fashion with the development of a water-resistant fabric. As for their bags, they range from very simple to very modern, with their focus on black, red and earthy colours only in their leather bags.

12. Valentino.

This Italian brand is noted more for quality than design, as its bags usually feature a fairly simple shape, but they also feature numerous prints on their leather bags.

13. Saint Laurent.

This French brand focuses on luxury fashion, and for their handbags, they feature different styles of leather with some mostly fluffy design, but for wallets, they are characterized by a simple design.

13. Katie.

This brand is considered the best in case you want to get a wonderful bag at a good price, as it offers a variety of wallets and handbags that are characterized by good quality and very classic colours.

There are some other brands that are considered one of the best brands in the world, including:

Alexander McQueen


Philip Lim

Kate Spade

Michael Kors


Anna by Anushka

La Poet




Marc Jacobs

JW Anderson

Bottega Veneta


Paco Rabanne


These brands are of the same quality as the previously mentioned brands, and now you have 31 different international brands of varying prices, which you can choose freely.

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