Top 5 small handbags.

Top 5 small handbags.
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We all love diversity and this diversity includes handbags, as we love large handbags that allow carrying a lot of things, as well as small handbags that give an elegant feel, and they enable us to carry only the essentials.

Here are the top 5 small handbags.

1. Prada Sidonie leather shoulder bag.

This bag is the latest in the Prada collection, and this bag is characterized by its small size as it is made of high-quality calf leather that is characterized by its durability, and it is also equipped with a shoulder strap and a leather handle that are adjustable and removable, allowing it to be carried in many ways. The brand’s logo is beautifully decorated with metal, which adds to the bag’s elegance. The bag is multi-coloured and is mainly available in the classic black colour, which makes it easy to match with all clothes!

2. Mansour Gavriel Sherling small bucket bag.

This bag is very suitable for the winter season because it is made of dyed sheep’s fur, which is characterized by its softness and increases the feeling of comfort and warmth. It also features adjustable shoulder straps of high quality leather, which increases its durability. The bag is also available in five different colours, which are classic black, blue, brown, red and colour Camel, the size of the bag is considered relatively small.

3. Oscar De La Renta Alibi Mini Box Bag.

This box bag features a beautiful and distinctive exterior design with these gold-plated metal parts with a stunning floral overlay, and also equipped with a sturdy handle and a buckle closure on the front, designed to hold only the small essentials.

4. Stella McCartney velvet round cross body bag.

Made in Italy, this glamorous bag is a perfect choice for parties, as it has a soft touch, it is made in a rounded and pressed shape of high quality velvet, in addition to those shiny details on its surface with a logo designed in a single line embellished, durable gold chains and a zip buckle and a large interior space to accommodate Your items are also available in black only.

5. Astraea Bag Mini.

This bag is made of high quality black leather and has a top handle with a distinctive ergonomic shape, made of brass that is plated with aluminium, which adds an aesthetic touch, and it is only available in classic black colour.

What do you look for when buying a small bag?

Quality: As it is known that the quality of the bag is what determines its longevity, so you should choose a bag made of high quality leather or any other durable material.
Interior space: When choosing your bag, you should consider your needs first, and accordingly choose the size of your bag.
Style: It depends on your style, but in the end, bags designed in neutral colours are the best choice.

Of course, having a small bag in your wardrobe is very important to enhance the overall look, but when choosing it, you need to take into account your style, your needs, and certainly your comfort, and you can use our list to get you the best selection.

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