Top 8 Clutches Designs

Top 8 Clutches Designs
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These bags are made to be suitable for a night out and that’s because they are convenient enough to carry your basic necessities of credit card, ID and lipstick, and at the same time they are small to carry in your hand all night without pain, which is also why these bags are so expensive, so Choosing one to add to your closet is difficult so we have prepared this list to help you make your choice.

1.Olympia Le Tan Embroidered New Year Party Canvas Clutch Bag

Inspired by vintage Vogue covers and glamor of the 1920s, this bag is handcrafted from black canvas embellished with gold-tone brass details and embroidered with gold and brick red threads.
• Pair this bag with a black fringed dress and embellished lace-up heels for a perfect 1920s look

2. Oscar de la Zinta True Mini Calfskin Leather Handbag

Crafted from leather panels and finished with calf hair, this bag comes with a thick, detachable chain handle and a long thin strap that can both be detached to carry it as an elegant medium sized handbag.
• Wear this bag with a long-fitting dress.

3. Jimmy Choo suede clutch bag with crystals

Made of Italian-made black suede leather, the bag is compact and perfect and features a large crystal-lined bow at the front of the clutch, a large crystal round buckle and a detachable chain strap.
• Wear this clutch with most evening wear like a kaftan style dress for a royal touch.

4. Alexander McQueen suede clutch bag

Embellished with four loops, the classic McQueen four-ring handle that you can slide your fingers through, this bag is crafted from black suede adorned with an assortment of silver studs, crystal and faux flowers.
• Pair this bag with dark high-wasted jeans, a structured white shirt with French drape, and a pair of studded ankle boots, and don’t forget to wear a hair tie to add that ’70s glow.

5. Clutch bag made of faux suede and metallic fringed in off-white.

Crafted from faux suede with a silvery PVC edge that gives it a glow, the top is secured with a leather strap that can also be used to carry the bag.
• Pair with light-coloured ripped leggings and a printed sweater for a casual look.

6. Oscar de la Renta sequined billiard bag.

It’s a textured gym bag with a head that rotates wherever it’s worn. The bag is made of red leather and infused with light-reflecting teal gold sequins, and the top features a woven handle.
• Wear it with soft colours like white, black, grey or cream to make the bag shine with this plain background.

7. Balenciaga Opera clutch bag in suede with twill and silk embellished with opera prints.

Half-moon bag in Italy in black suede with a sculpted top handle and covered with a sash in a printed silk twill.
• Wear the bag with a leather skirt and button-down shirt.

8. Dave gold tone and enamel handbag.

Created in only 25 pieces of this bag, the bag has been crafted in Florence using mosaic pattern glazing techniques and features a small gold-tone clasp at the top.
• Wear it on vacation or a summer party with a midi dress of cotton or white chiffon and a sun castle to look a wonderful character.

These were our top picks for the best designer clutches, we hope we helped you find the best and include them in your collection!

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