Top ten sites to sell used handbags.

Top ten sites to sell used handbags.
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Women are not satisfied with one bag, as you will find in the closet of any woman that contains more than one bag. Each of these bags has specific clothes and a certain state of mind for the woman, as well as a certain time of the day.
At the same time, women will not buy all those designer bags, as this is financially difficult; So there are sites for selling used bags, and we have collected for you the top ten sites for selling used designer bags.

1. Vestiaire Collective.

This site brings together more than 3.6 million online fashion community, and it is one of the largest online stores with a huge collection of previously used goods, and thousands of new products are listed on the site on a weekly basis, in addition, all the available items come from sellers of good reputation.
You can subscribe to this site’s email alerts, so you will be notified when the particular item you were looking for becomes available.

2. Dressing up.

Every month, more than thirty thousand bags of bags designed for most international brands are sold, and the site combines buying and selling, a trusted platform that ensures smooth sales, payments, returns and delivery.
In addition, the site has legal experts who use authentication systems to ensure the security of your funds.

3. Bagista.

Buying and selling and exchanging your bag for another, this is what the site provides for you, and it keeps followers on social media informed of any bag that is added, in addition to the availability of experts to check each bag to make sure it is original before selling it.

4.Rewind Vintage.

Like the previous sites, this site provides buying and selling, but in a more accurate way, where an authorized representative is first contacted when selling a bag, and then this person sets an appointment for a consultation and the product undergoes a comprehensive evaluation.

5.High Society.

This site is considered one of the best sites to sell used designer bags online. It contains luxury items in top condition at a great price. The team is contacted through an online form which is available on the website.
After that, the product is validated and evaluated, and then made available on the site to anyone who wants to buy that used bag.


This site was only a selling platform at the beginning and then turned to buying and selling after that, and it is considered one of the most reliable sites on the Internet.

7. Rebag

This site used more than 50 designer brands, and its purpose was to give everyone a chance to update their wardrobe from time to time, all in addition to the fact that the company closely checks each item to make sure that all the items are authentic.


On this site, you can get designer bags at a discount of up to 70% compared to the retail price. The site also contains used bags that are checked first before being displayed on the site at a reasonable price.


This platform contains products that are completely new and have been used barely mentioned, and you will get the products at a much lower cost, and the company also guarantees you that any product on the site is flawless.


It is one of the most famous resale sites, and the site deals not only with bags, but also clothes and household items, and they have physical stores that you can go to and check the product for yourself.

You still have the chance to own the designer bags at high prices, just follow our guide and get one of the lightweight pieces at the right price.

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