Various tips to take care of your different types of designer bags

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 Each designer bag is characterized by a different leather, some are characterized by leather belts and the other is characterized by metal belts, and some bags are made of calf leather, the other from snake skin and the third from goatskin, and so on, the bags vary, so the ways of taking care of them differ. 


First of all, bags made of snake skin or suede :

 You can clean the bag by mixing a spoon or two of liquid soap in a cup of warm water, then dip a clean cloth in this mixture and wring it out and gently wipe the bag, then wipe the bag with a cloth dampened with water only and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth such as that for a tumbler  dishes.

 Note that the bag must be wiped in the direction of the snake’s skin and not the other way around, and after finishing use a skin moisturizer to prevent it from cracking, and as for germs, use alcohol-free baby wipes to disinfect it. 

If the bag is made of suede, clean it with the previous steps, but very carefully, as this type is difficult to clean, and if the handles are made of leather, wrap them with cotton shirts.

 Glossy leather bags :

 You will clean as mentioned previously, then you will do another round of cleaning using glass polish or rubbing alcohol to add shine, in addition, you can use olive oil to remove small scratches by dipping a cotton swab in the oil and then rubbing it on the bag in a circular motion. 


Patent Bags :

 These bags can be cleaned using vinegar even though they are shiny leather, you just need to put a very small amount of vinegar on a cloth and stir to clean it.


 Other tips that you can apply to all types of bags :

  • Use shoe polish to cover scuff marks on bags, by applying a neutral-coloured polish to a clean piece of cloth and polishing the bag until the scratch is gone.


  • Put only the essentials in the bag, as the extra weight will expose it to cracking and stretching of its leather, as well as damaging its handles and weakening the stitching.


  • Put your makeup and tools in a separate bag inside the bag so you don’t get a permanent stain. 


  • When storing your bag, make sure to put it in a bag to protect it from dust, and if you do not have a bag, you can use a cotton pillowcase to store it inside.


  • Put some paper inside the bag when storing it in order to maintain its puffy shape.


 You can see the rest of our articles to get a comprehensive guide to everything related to bags from different international brands with various leathers and how to take care of them and distinguish them from fake ones.

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