With less than 1,000$ you can get six different types of global bags

With less than 1,000$ you can get six different types of global bags
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Certainly, everyone is interested in getting one of the international bags that belong to a designer, but these bags, due to their quality, are at very high prices, and of course not everyone can buy them, but what you do not know is that some international brands have a group of bags whose price is less than a thousand dollars.

Here are all the brands…
1. Cross body bag from Gucci:

This bag is characterized by two colors, pink or beige, and features a detachable shoulder strap, internal pockets, lining and interior. It is also made in Italy like the rest of the Gucci collection, and once you see it, you will notice its elegant appearance.

2. Givenchy Small Diamond Quilted Leather Bag:

This bag is suitable for all kinds of dresses and is equipped with detachable straps, and this bag is considered one of the most popular bags.

3. Kate Spade Roomy Medium Bag:

This bag is considered one of the most popular bags. It is made of Italian leather, and it is of a spacious size and equipped with a soft lining, and although all the bags of this brand consist of four numbers, this bag is not.

4.Louis Vuitton Double Zip Bag:

This bag features a simple removable metal strap that allows you to wear it on your shoulder or carry it in your hand if you are going to an event, and the bag is decorated with a shiny metallic LV logo on the front to give it a sophisticated look.

5. Valentino rock stud bag:

Designed as a genuine red chain wallet, this bag features sparkling pyramid buttons on its nappa leather, as well as a removable zip, six coin pockets and six card slots.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo city bucket bag:

The bags from this collection have always captured the minds of all fashion conscious, and the bag comes with a shiny black leather strap that gives it a very elegant look.

If all you have to do is choose one of those bags and buy it, then you will get a valuable bag at an average price and at the same time you will have got something you want and of high quality in addition to the international high quality, and you will also be able to show off a lot among your friends, whether at work or in events.

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