Your handbag can make you sick!!

Your handbag can make you sick!!
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Any woman owns at least one bag, and despite the different quality and type of each of them, all bags carry microbes and dirt that certainly make you vulnerable to various diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

This always makes you need to clean the bag, especially if you are a mother of children, because this means that your bag is vulnerable to things that carry bacteria and germs more, in addition to the fact that the number of bacteria types may reach a thousand different types if your bag is not cleaned for a while.

In the beginning, we will introduce you to how to clean bags made of artificial leather or fabric…

You can do this at home by wiping the outside of the bag with an alcohol-free wipe or using a hand sanitizing towel.
When cleaning the outside, be sure to clean the bottom, handles and bottom of the bag as well from the inside, then let the bag dry for 24 hours in the open air.
Then use the skin moisturizer and honey, it enhances the elasticity of the skin, moisturizes and gives a beautiful texture.

More tips to protect you from getting sick from your bag…

Always clean your bag with disinfectant regularly and focus on the bottom of the bag.
While you are dining out, be careful not to put the bag on the dining table and away from the cooking and eating environment in general even in your home.

Therefore, a handbag is not a suitable place to keep food even if it is well packaged.

Do not put your bag on the floor in the bathroom, clothing store, or cinema, as these places are considered the richest in germs and bacteria.

Get rid of old makeup tools and it’s best not to keep makeup in the bag in general.

Money, phone, papers, and many other things carry germs all the time, so always disinfect them before putting them in the bag.

Studies have shown that a handbag that has been used for a year may contain 500,000 different types of bacteria, and this must expose you to disease many times, so follow our advice above and be sure to maintain your bag and your health.

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